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/ Series / I’m the Demon Lord, but All I Wanna Do is Sit Around and Eat Pizza Poppers
I’m the Demon Lord, but All I Wanna Do is Sit Around and Eat Pizza Poppers
I’m the Demon Lord, but All I Wanna Do is Sit Around and Eat Pizza Poppers
20.4k Views 186 Favorites 186 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 158 Readers
3.8 (5 ratings)
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Lord Nightfall should be crushing villagers with an iron fist. Instead that fist stuffs their face with disgusting pizza rolls.

But buried in this shapeshifter's slovenly hide is a warrior who's been through hell in every sense. That warrior's gonna have to reawaken quick. Rivals, lackeys, arcade gaming, dungeon diving, spider infestations, village management, late nights getting drunk off rat's blood, monster hunting, darkworld dealings—they'll face it all with a devil's smile and a "fuck it" attitude.

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Adventurers Androgynous Characters Antihero Protagonist Character Growth Demi-Humans Demon Lord Demons Domestic Affairs Dragons Fantasy World Former Hero Genderless Protagonist Hell Hiding True Identity Hot-blooded Protagonist Inferiority Complex Lazy Protagonist Magic Magical Technology Monsters Multiple Transported Individuals Non-human Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Reincarnated into Another World Shapeshifters
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