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/ Series / The Harmless Sweetie is Far From Harmless [Under Editing]
The Harmless Sweetie is Far From Harmless [Under Editing]
The Harmless Sweetie is Far From Harmless [Under Editing]
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4.3 (3 ratings)
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One hundred and fifty years ago, The Witch of Despair fell into a slumber. Fires burnt like raging hellfire as kingdoms fell and mountains turned to plains, her agonized scream and cry over her betrayal resounded throughout the Isles. And her final wish, all but forgotten to the people of the Abyss.

A child born from the wish of a broken down soul enters the world, he was an innocent child who dreams of peace and love. A child who wanted nothing more than a family who would love him as he is. They say that when you stare at the Abyss, it stares back, but when one sets their gazes down at Clailip Diancia, one would find one's self unable to resist.

To resist what, you ask? To resist the urge to play with those malleable pudgy cheeks and spoil this adorable, harmless, sweetie, of a little boy.

Unfortunately, fire burns, and trees are flammable. Yet, this boy, soft as can be, bumbles his way through the Eastern Isles, trying to find a family that once was his.

"I can't believe my bad luck managed to worm its way into this world too..."





Child Protagonist Elemental Magic Game Elements Non-human Protagonist Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 23
Reviews 2
Table of Contents
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    Status: c6

    -Prefacing this with a disclaimer that this is done as a review exchange with the author-

    As of this review, the story is just beginning so I can't really tell the direction of the story yet. It feels like your typical litRPG plot whereby the MC receives gifts from Gods and is born into a fantasy world with a magic system, except with a very early twist that provides our MC with a purpose to level up. It is a cliche plot for sure, but if the author does it right I'm sure it will be a great story. 

    As for the technicalities, there is a few grammar issues and the pacing is awkward in some places. 


    The worldbuilding in this story is something that can be improved. The first chapter provides a lot of info about the Gods and their gifts to the point that I found myself skipping the heavy paragraphs, but when it comes to the actual world the story is set in I feel that details about the environment was lacking. When the reveal that the village was burnt came, I had to pause to try to imagine what it looks like in my head.


    Overall, the starting of the story is rough, but the later chapters are easier to read. Considering the author isn't a native English speaker, the language is remarkably better than others that I've read before. 

    Story rating: 3.5/5

    Because I play Genshin and I like seeing Genshin references, I'll add another 0.5 point. So total is 4/5

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    Status: chapter 6 – oh god, golems!

    I’m going to try my best to give a critique while not saying the word “honestly.” This will also be my first review.

    So—starting with the style. The style is that of fantasy, the typical flowery style, modernized by the main character’s thoughts. The writing is good, but the formatting is awkward. There are many verb-tense inconsistencies and even POV inconsistencies (third-person suddenly becomes first-person). And the flow of sentences too, commas and periods need to cooperate, it disturbs the flow a bit, the commas just keep on going, I’m not sure if the second sentence is still connected to the first sentence, hey aren’t you going to stop, this can be a bit jarring to the reader if we’re splitting hairs—yeah. 

    Next, characters. At first, I wasn’t a fan of Clailip Diancia’s personality, but eventually, I realized this was part of the character development; I was intrigued by his liability to use the “Harmless Sweetie” skill on humans. I didn’t care too much about the spirits, but I’m interested in his grandparents. No comment for the monsters. I wish to see him using that unique skill to prove his innocence or something or to trick his future enemies into assuming that he’s harmlessly innocent (and spice that up by adding a character that can see through his deceptive innocence).

    I know this is a bit too early for me to say, but the story is getting good so far. Honestly (dammit, I said it), I’m not a fan of LitRPG, and it’s the one genre that I’ll avoid the most (that’s an exaggeration). However, if it’s dark like Berserk or Claymore, I’ll probably read it, and since this novel has that constant flowery sweetness, I can’t say that I like it that much.


    The part where the village got burnt hooked me though, so releasing the conflict early was a good idea.


    Subjectively, it’s three stars. Objectively, it’s four stars. Therefore, I’ll rate it four stars. Three stars because I’m not a fan of this genre, and four stars because it’s something most people would enjoy. Good luck with your story.

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