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/ Series / The Secret Life of A Gamer Girl
The Secret Life of A Gamer Girl
The Secret Life of A Gamer Girl
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Everything in Rainy's life was average :


Nothing was out of the ordinary and nothing was exciting. But after 5:00 PM, she would head home straight and turn on her computer. She had this haughty and excited smile as the screen loaded. This was where she really belonged - an MMORPG called Cursed Moonlight Online. How could a mere above-average life compare to the richness and vastness of that world?

She, a queen, with her ultimate crowd control skills could turn the tides! The PK map, arena and guild wars were littered with corpses of foes who dared to challenge her and her guild. But who was the person behind the IGN Lord.Agni? How did he manage to rank first on both PvP and solo dungeons lists? How could a hideous ghoul class have such high DPS? Why was she always in his party? Could he be a potential real-world boyfriend? Would her 23 years of being single come to an end? Or was everything nothing more than a reflection of the moon on the water?

ActionLitRPGRomanceSlice of Life
MMORPG Online Romance
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