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/ Series / How Not To Adopt A Demon Lord
How Not To Adopt A Demon Lord
How Not To Adopt A Demon Lord
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Denny has always wanted kids, but with her uncomfortably youthful appearance and inability to have children, it was hard to find a partner that had the same aspirations to raise a large family.

By the time she was twenty-five, she gave up on trying to find love, and instead, devoted herself to her job as a baker and pastry chef in her mother's bakery.

But when her mother passes away and leaves her the shop in her will, she is left feeling empty inside. So, after mourning the loss of her mother, she prays for the chance to have a child, having put in applications to become a foster mother; Sadly, all come back to her stamped, rejected.

But, on one peculiar night, with storms brewing fiercely and wind whipping against the glass, she hears the cries of a child while grabbing her groceries. When she rescues the small babe from the dumpster of all things, she is surprised to find that the baby looks like it could be her own, and thus she takes him in and adopts him as her son.

She just never expected to meet her son's birth father three years later, claiming to be the demon lord, and her son, his heir.

ComedyFantasyJoseiRomanceSlice of Life
Adopted Children Angels Appearance Different from Actual Age Business Management Caring Protagonist Childcare Cooking Cute Children Cute Protagonist Cute Story Demon Lord Demons Doting Love Interests Doting Parents Fallen Angels Female Protagonist Loli Love Interest Falls in Love First Religions Restaurant Reverse Harem Seven Deadly Sins Seven Virtues Single Parent Slow Romance
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      Status: chapter 10 — the clean up
      Dec 18, 2019

      Honestly one of the most well written web novels I've ever had the pleasure of reading, and the I adore the premise. Everything about this is phenomenal, and I really hope that the author posts more. It would be a real shame for the story to go unfinished.

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