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/ Series / Monsters Came Following
Monsters Came Following
Monsters Came Following
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(Updates Synopsis)
The abandoned hero becomes a demon king and his adventures after that could be said in past tense - Yuan became a god, the demon world celebrated, only that in the middle of their celebration, their God was sent back into Earth.

Yuan decided to become one with the dream he had always wanted in the middle of tyranny and power, becoming normal and returning to being once ordinary, Yuan was happy he was able to live a peaceful life once more -

If only that Gates didn't appear in four months of time after he had returned. If only that everything remained as simple. But no, it didn't. Thousands of strange monsters came out of these gateways and wreck havoc in the human world. On the good side, he got kids, well there's three of them and he can reunite with his wife - speaking of which, the four were the masterminds.
Updates depends on availability, no promises but I will try to update more often....

Beautiful Female Lead Childcare Comedic Undertone Cute Children Earth Invasion Elves Gate to Another World Glasses-wearing Protagonist Godly Powers Gods Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Low-key Protagonist Magic Male Protagonist Modern Knowledge Monsters Multiple POV Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Returning from Another World Secret Organizations Servants Summoned Hero Trap Underestimated Protagonist
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