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Monsters Came Following
Monsters Came Following
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Shen (Sheri) (Mrs.Leng)


Yuan (Mr.Leng)

Yuan (mc)


I deleted that one chapter concerning about this. Now let's get through it - Covers (artworks) would be listed in here.

Two covers have been drawn so far.

As a poor third year, I can't afford buying commission so being an artist at the same time is a blessing.

Yuri Leng v2Yuri Leng v1.

Cover .2

Do not read if you haven't read chapter 15-20 (which is not available yet.)


The twin hostsThe twins, Helen and Halo are a spawn of devils. The hosts for the invasions of monsters, and the servants of our Main Character's brother in law who has been crown the sloth of evil. Normally, the twins would be quiet and sometimes Innocent looking which are their prominent feature of seducing victims. They have the history of multiple murders under their name after their devil bloodline was awaken - they swore loyalty to the Sloth after losing a game. Extremely loyal, loves to spoil the triplets a lot and are killing maniacs. Their most priority in their status as a servant is to kill Sloth which they haven't achieved till now. Got bored in staying in the other world and decided to play together with Matt. 


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Table of Contents
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