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/ Series / Limitless: The Evergreen System
Limitless: The Evergreen System
Limitless: The Evergreen System
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The event known as "The Quake" changed the world forever. Rifts, inter-dimensional gateways, opened and let loose magic upon the Earth. Soon followed monsters, mutated animals and fantasy beasts! People imbued with magic, wielding powers akin to mythical heroes, rose up to fight back the stream of horrors, creating a new world order in the process.

Many years later, a young man named Alberto Ferantelli will stumble upon an ancient and powerful artifact that could be tied to the origin of the Quake. Now connected to a cosmic force, Alberto has the power to become anything, choose any path. What will he do with all the power in the world? What will he become? The possibilities are Limitless!

Accelerated Growth Clever Protagonist Crafting Fantasy Creatures Level System Magic Magic Beasts Magical Technology Mutated Creatures Skill Creation Sword And Magic Transformation Ability
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Table of Contents
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