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/ Series / Weaponsmith : [A crafting litRPG]
Weaponsmith : [A crafting litRPG]
Weaponsmith : [A crafting litRPG]
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4.9 (66 ratings)
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[I accidentally got engaged to the evil owl-goddess who is obsessed with the number-three and now I have to make weapons for our new adventuring guild]

In an era in which ancient gods live in the world’s cities together with their mortal followers, forming tight-knit guilds and powerful temples, the disfigured ash-caster and blacksmith Hineni has lived his entire life as a reclusive outcast. Hidden away behind layers of clothing and just as many walls and doors, he only ever leaves the house in the dead of night, so that neither the gods or anyone else can ever see him.

However, on one of these night-tide outings, he finds that has gained the unwanted attention of what is seemingly a perfectly normal owl and through his unwitting efforts at simply filling his nights with acts of personal meaning, he ends up promising himself to a creature that is perhaps even less versed in human ways than he himself is;

a mysterious, odd owl-goddess that nobody seems to have ever heard of, Obscura.

Hineni, having had no greater purpose in life until now, finds himself willing to accept this turn of events and dedicates himself to creating a brand new adventuring guild, under the watchful eyes of the ancient entity Obscura, who has only one, clear, proclaimed goal -

- To hunt the BIG FROG! BIG FROG! BIG!

[litRPG] [Soft romance] [Crafting] [Base/Guild-building] [Pact with a deity] [Slice of life]

(Updates every Wednesday / Saturday)

AdventureFantasyLitRPGRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Blacksmith Business Management Caring Protagonist Character Growth Crafting Demi-Humans Different Social Status Disfigurement Economics Engagement Evil Gods Evil Organizations Family Business First Love Friendship God-human Relationship Goddesses Gods Guilds Magic Magical Technology Male Protagonist Shy Characters Weak to Strong World Tree
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    Status: ch 4

    Too early to say much. But it is very intriguing. Guy who seems to have the worst case of depressed lonerism has accidentally proposed to an unkown owl god. Looking forward to how things go from here

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    Status: reading advanced content on patreon

    This story is everything I ever wanted except for ridiculously long. Presently it has up to chapter 10 available on patreon and is simply amazing. Basically you have a mysterious blacksmith who is poor and then add an owl goddess to the mix and lots of occult references such as the power of 3 and you have all the makings for a wonderful story. I only wish the author could write about 10 chapters a day!

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