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Ren is a reincarnated person. His new world had the same name as his old one, Earth. But that was the extent of the resemblances.

Ren had a skill as well, or at least he was told he did, but he had no inkling of how to use it. He was disheartened at first but his goal wasn't the path to power, all he wanted from this world was to continue the peaceful life, but the world didn't even provide him with that.

A luminous pillar descended upon him and one of his classmates. Goddess Helastia, one of the most revered goddess, called them to herself, not a good news. However, there, he finds that a group of heroes has been summoned from his past world to confront the Devils that will be rising soon.

But contrary to his assumption of being a hero himself, she referred to him as a reincarnated imposter. She labeled both of them as Traitors of Humanity and sent them into a dungeon where they were supposed to live. That is, with their masters and comrades, the Devils and their minions.

The monsters in the dungeon were not likely to accept them as allies, instead, they were out to devour the delicacies that appeared in their home. Only despair awaited them.
This novel is inspired from neets's parallel world syndrome, Abnormal state skill and bunch of other jp novels, this is also my first time writing a web novel.
Also, English isn't my first language. So, try to overlook or help me fix few mistakes that might occur by mentioning them in the chapter's comment section. I will correct it ASAP.
Also posting it on :'earth'_21757551406759105.
Also on Royal Road.
All the pictures that you may see while reading this novel, are taken from google.
The cover image is taken from google too. Credits to the owner.

Adventurers Beautiful Female Lead Cautious Protagonist Cheats Cunning Protagonist Demi-Humans Demon Lord Depictions of Cruelty Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Dungeons Game Elements Goddesses Level System Love Interest Falls in Love First Loyal Subordinates Magic Beasts Multiple Transported Individuals Overpowered Protagonist Revenge Strategic Battles Summoned Hero Wars Weak to Strong Yandere
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    Status: a ‘hot-blonde-chick’, reasons, and obligations….

    The story is good and it is too early to tell what MC will do so far.


    The first chapter lacks an explanation of why the character is angry like did the god cast fire and brimstone on his/her world while leaving the person alive.

    As I went further within the story, the majority of the focus was on the mechanics of the world, not character development.


    All in all, the story has potential and he author can update the story and  cover the questions that readers hold  that are common in each chapter.

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