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/ Series / Isekai Office – Soulstream Guilder
Isekai Office – Soulstream Guilder
Isekai Office – Soulstream Guilder
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[So far I found out the first edition of this story still has room for improvement, so this is the remastered version.]
Thousand years ago, a trio of Elite God has built a paradise where humans can reincarnate into what they want and get summoned into multiple universes. It is well-known by Overworld citizens as "Isekai Office", meaning "The Office Of Otherworld".
However, the fate of the office is being threatened by many menaces, even from the Creator of this office.
Starting from a novice God Assistant, Dominita Hollow, the new CEO of the office, is now taking a huge responsibility when the office - and maybe everyone he loves is on the line.
This is the story of Isekai Office - Arc I.
+ Grammatical mistakes and inappropriate word usage are expected during the story, just remind me of the issues by commenting on them. Same with constructive critiques, as long as it does not too offensive.
+It's my greedy wish anyway, but please give me a ❤ if you like. If not, leaving a review can help.
The cover is just a random artwork found on Pinterest, hope there's no copyright...

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyIsekaiMysterySlice of Life
Amnesia Angels Appearance Different from Actual Age Artifacts Assassins Battle Competition Beast Companions Betrayal Business Management Cautious Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Dead Protagonist Game Elements Heroes Nightmares Non-linear Storytelling Orphans Reincarnation Shapeshifters Sword And Magic Tragic Past Unreliable Narrator
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 1: the ceo competion

    Fabulous!!! 😍 A very exciting and intriguing start! One of the best I have read!!! 😀 It got details, it's own world, unique characters and is enjoyable too 😃 Gave me a few laughs at times 😂 This novel had already got me hooked and looking forward how the story process and get further😊 It's great and worth reading!!!☺ The MC starts from nothing and manages to reach great Heights all due to his efforts!!! 🎉 But most importantly (for me) it's captivating enough to keep me want to read more. 😁To people who are hesitating to read this I suggest you give it a try first before deciding cause you would never know what surprises awaits you inside.😉

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