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/ Series / Life is meant to be a Mess.
Life is meant to be a Mess.
Life is meant to be a Mess.
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Li ZeXi looked at the sky above...

"Wow...It's so normal."


Li ZeXi heard it from the system.

[Well...I am sorry to tell you but...I think you weren't actually transmigrated to Real Earth but in an apocalypse novel.]

Li ZeXi: "Really? Then that means I can't rule this world?"

[...Mr. Grim Emperor, I think you are forgetting that you said you want to live in seclusion.]

Li ZeXi pouted, his beautifully crafted face looked adorable for a moment.

"Human change."

[As if you are human anymore.]



'So this is the protagonist Shou? So cute~ So lovely~ Like a soft bun~ I want to adopt him!!'

The lovely shou blinked his eyes pitifully at Li ZeXi.

'My heart Ouch!'

Though the face remained cold and expressionless, Li ZeXi already wanted to kidnap this sweet bun.


[Mr. Grim Emperor.]

"Oh, System, It's been a long time, How are you?"

[Mr. Grim Emperor...It Seems...That another world line got confused in this one....]


[A person reborn and now the Protagonists position is in danger while new Protagonists have come.]

"...A reborn person? Sweet. Then Declare them Villains, Oh is everything fine in My White World?"

[...Sigh, Yes.]


The Villain Shou (Declared by Li ZeXi) was injured and his face showed the determination and willpower of a high ranker.

'...So strong, and....cute!! Mn, I can. I will take this sweet bun too!'



[Mr. Grim Emperor...]

"The hell? My family is busy making new year's dumplings!! Can't you see?"

[It...seems a transmigrated came and a third timeline and the story plot is getting]



The transmigrated cutie who was about to meet his Gong was abducted by Li ZeXi and his pets(Real).

"No, why are you even like this, You Should be the King!"

...??Li ZeXi looked at the Cutie who seems to have...DPD (Delusional personality disorder.)

'As long as it's a cutie pie, I can!'


[Mr. Grim Emperor.]

"Silence. Don't Fucking tell me another timeline mixed in or whatnot!"

[A...No that...It seems you have to protect this world. As you deprived the three meet their lovers...So um...You know..]

"No I don't."

[Please let them be together.]

"Children grow up so early, Now it's time to marry them away... Sniff."

[...You aren't marrying your daughters and...They are not even your children!]

"Does that matter?"

Protagonist Gong: Boss!! Sister-in-law took my wife!!!

Villain Gong(By Li ZeXi): Boss!!! Sister-in-law kidnapped my baby too!!!

Gong of transmigrated Shou: Boss!!! Sister-in-law abducted my sweetie!!

ML: Darling, why don't you kidnap me too??

System:...This world's heavenly couples has it difficult!

ActionBoys LoveComedyRomance
Ancient Times Apocalypse Appearance Different from Actual Age Artificial Intelligence Carefree Protagonist Childcare Comedic Undertone Crossover Doting Love Interests Elemental Magic Hidden Abilities Mpreg Multiple Transported Individuals Poisons Shameless Protagonist
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Table of Contents
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