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Re: Pokemon Red
Re: Pokemon Red
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A young man is walking on his usual route from school back home while playing Pokemon on his Switch when Truck-kun targets the young man ending his life. But the young man awakens and finds he has been reincarnated, and as his favorite games protagonist Red. With the help of his vast knowledge of pokemon and a reincarnation system will he become a pokemon master or will he aim higher?

The story will follow close to the games stories (as best as i remember some of them) however there will be some slight to severe alterations as the pokemon world lacks a bit of common sense that would apply to any world. As the story goes on regions will change and new pokemon exclusive to those regions will appear like the game.

Accelerated Growth Alternate World Battle Competition Calm Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Cheats Clever Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Evil Organizations Game Elements Goddesses Harem-seeking Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Lucky Protagonist Male Protagonist Monster Tamer Older Love Interests Overpowered Protagonist Polygamy Psychic Powers R-18 Reincarnated into a Game World Seduction Strong Love Interests Student-Teacher Relationship
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      Status: chapter 5 skills to pay the...

      Great idea for fanfic, good comedy and potential for the future. My only issue is that the OP beginnings of any MC may leave him without enough challenge to make the story go beyond the confort zone of the typical isekai storytelling.

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