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/ Series / If Uno were an anime…
If Uno were an anime…
If Uno were an anime…
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If Uno were an anime...
The people at the Uno card game company had an idea to increase sales: What if we hosted a tournament for schools? We can get kids to buy the game and sell advertisement fees for broadcasting the tournament!
It didn’t seem like the best idea, but they went for it and people just loved the idea.

Adam, Sofia, and Lidia are childhood friends attending Zamenhof High School. Lidia’s father was sick with a rare disease that costed a lot to cure. All three of them were rather poor, but they all didn’t want Lidia’s father to waste away in the hospital, so they desperately tried to find a way to make money. They decided to start an Uno club at their school, so they can enter the tournament and hopefully win the ten million-dollar first prize. They thought it would be something low-effort, either they didn’t win or they did, and they could also have fun along the way. Uno is a simple card game that even has an elementary-school division. Surely, there isn’t too much strategy involved. Little did they know that there was a lot more to Uno and the competition than it seemed…

This is a story about Uno, where underneath the kid-friendly surface lies a game full of strategy and a game full of cheating, threats, and backdoor deals.
This is also a story of three friends, who have to balance friendship with desire and guilt with greed, as they begin to question what they truly want in life.

ActionDramaPsychologicalSchool LifeSports
Card Games Childhood Friends Conspiracies Crime Family Hackers Modern Day Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Poor Protagonist Scheming Shameless Protagonist
  1. PrologueJul 17, 2019
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