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/ Series / Path of a Sword King
Path of a Sword King
Path of a Sword King
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In this world heroes come through summoning rituals held every 100 years. They are people destined to protect the nations. Heroes fight demon lords, hell's creatures and destroy monsters.
They transmigrate with powers that far exceed common sense. One could perhaps destroy mountains with a flick of a sword or destroy monsters on the level of dragons with one spell.
They live luxurious lives and get anything they want. Women, power, money...
I wished to be one of those heroes. Escape this life of slavery, lose myself in money and embrace beauties. And finally become the strongest.
I might update weekly. I'm in my final year of high school so no promises.

Academy Accelerated Growth Adventurers Aggressive Characters Androgynous Characters Aristocracy Cheats Dark Determined Protagonist Evil Gods Eye Powers Fantasy World Game Elements Guilds Half-human Protagonist Heroes Inferiority Complex Level System Love Interest Falls in Love First Mob Protagonist Multiple Transported Individuals R-18 Rape Slave Protagonist Weak to Strong
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