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Re: Princess Knight
Re: Princess Knight
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4.9 (34 ratings)
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A girl was attending a cosplay event as Arturia Lily.
To her surprise, she found herself surrounded by a forest.

All of her cosplay costume becomes real, and she has become Arturia Lily herself.

This is the story of the Princess Knight. The naive knight who was never took a life before.
With the skill of the Princess Knight, will the girl survive in a world of unforgiving?

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Fate Re zero
Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Kingdoms Magic Beasts Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic
Table of Contents 52
Reviews 1
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 52-prohibition

    A high-quality novel in scribblehub. As soon as I started reading, I got hooked by it. 

    Plot: 4.8/5

    -The story flowed smoothly, neither rushed nor slow. It is well-written compared to the other novels that I've read before. It is an enjoyable read.

    Characters: 5/5

    -The author is on the spot when it comes to the characters. The author wrote Artoria's character very well. As for the other characters, they were almost the same as in the original.

    Grammar: 4.6/5

    -Nothing much, just some minor grammar mistakes. Some were corrected after some time. The grammar is high-quality too.

    All in all, a very good book in my standards. Don't get me wrong, I've only read webnovels/light novels in my entire career as a reader. Still, this one's a must read if you're interested on some high-quality stuff.

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