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The Hunter Guild
The Hunter Guild
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Zarith, a continent full of hopes and dreams. Governed by various countries, it is diverse in it's selection of destinations to visit and explore, It is also the place where the Guild exists, the Guild is a major conglomerate of smaller albeit large companies with varying specialties. If you wanted your dreams to come true the Guild is the place to go.

Our story starts with a young girl named Fryn Aventgard, an energetic young girl starting out on her new adventure when she finally left home to find her future. When she entered the Guild to find a suitable job she accidentaly bumps into a hooded man with a cloak covering most of his body, little did she know that this man is the most important factor that will change her life forever.

This is a draft and will end when I want to
(First time writing so don't mind any grammatical errors)

Adventurers Guilds Magic Monsters
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Table of Contents
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