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Blue Core
Blue Core
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4.8 (498 ratings)
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Dungeon: A place full of monsters, traps, treasure, and death. Those are the Great Dungeons, with unplumbed depths below the roots of the mountains.

That's not for me.

Dungeon: A place of rape, torture, and death, to control and corral enemies and slaves. These are the Red Cores, from which the mage-kings draw their power.

That's also not for me.

I don't like monsters. I don't want adventurers. I want to stay well away from enemies and slaves.

Fortunately, there are alternatives...

(Includes explicit and consensual sexual content. Chapters containing such will be marked.)

Weekly release schedule.

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      Status: day 185 – blue
      Dec 31, 2020

      Normally I don't write reviews or even comment on  much unless something screams to me that it needs attention and normally  only about things I care about. I read big long books mostly high fantasy and sci fi stuff like Robert Jorden, Braden Sanderson, Jack Campbell, J. R. R. Tolkien. George R. R. Martin... I think you get the idea.

      Anyway since most web stories are wrote by amateurs or people doing it as a hobby. I don't hold them to the same standard  because almost everything would be found wanting and I could slam almost every story if I  was expected a story from a master story teller and  expected relative perfection.

      however this story right here... this  author has my respect  even if I hold him to the same requirements as the above authors, He has made it.  If he continues to write at the same level that he's currently writing well I think a "masterpiece" fits just fine. currently I have no issue comparing the current story to Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones ect ect. I'm not going to go over pro's and cons with this story because I don't have any cons to talk about. To me 5 stars means as close to perfection as possible so if I rate something at 4 stars it's a damn good book but this story gets 5.  world building, characters and character relationships plus the plot and story pacing is just about bloody perfection.

      I can't think of anything I dislike about the story aside from from the feeling you get when the next chapter button is greyed out lmao

      If I didn't know any better I would expect this to be a multi book story and I would also would not be shocked if I saw in on a best seller list or being sold in a bookshop. to any readers out there. If you want to read a book on this site, hell any of the web novel hosting sites  do your self a favor and give this a go. I can be hella picky so if I like something it ussally means almost anybody would love it

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: day 188 – blue
      Jan 26, 2021

      Amazing story, great characters, great mechanics, great world building.  There's actually not much smut in it, and what is there is good and all, but the quality of the story is so much more than the odd scene of a dungeon pleasuring a companion.  15/10, excitedly read every chapter as soon as it comes out.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: day 189 – sienne
      Jan 25, 2021

      Just created an account to leave a review for this story. I used to reading it without one.  

      Well, it turns out that this story is so extraordinary that it makes lazy people like me create an account and even write a review.

      There's nothing much I could say, I just wanted to say thank you for writing this story. I enjoy every chapter and can't wait for more.

      I highly recommend this story!

      Please keep up the good work, Author!

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: day 189 – sienne
      Jan 24, 2021

      I feel like this novel might get passed over due to the lack of tags or the tags used. This is an amazingly crafted plot story with tastefully sprinkled in smut. Great pacing with new fantastical things added just often enough to be interesting but not so often that it gets bogged down. Perfect use of the high fantasy setting with a mix of new and inventive races and a unique soft magic system.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Sep 7, 2020

      Definitely on the top ten fantasy webnovels I've ever read, including those of Asian origin. It takes itself seriously, especially in terms of worldbuilding and character development, though not so much that it starts being corny and overly stiff. 

      On the other hand, the amount of exposition versus plot might be a tad bit too unbalanced in favor of the former. The writing is still top tier, but it kinda feels like the author is aiming to reach 5k words each week rather than writing whatever he feels inspired to. 

      The smut aspect is 10/10 as well, the fact that it's just a minor addition to the novel works in its favor to make the more risqué chapters all unique and hot.

      In short, probably too good for this site. 

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: cday 130-140
      Feb 18, 2021

      It's interesting  but from the last 10 chpaters I've read it becames boring, plain. It procedes too slow with the plot  with too much useless informations. Well if you are ok with a LOT of chapters with useless informations that you can easy skip because unrelated with the main plot I guess it's really good. I don't like to skip chapters so for me it's a no 

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