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/ Series / Heavenly Mortal
Heavenly Mortal
Heavenly Mortal
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San Haneul, like any other child, wished to become a martial artist. He lacked dantian which is where Internal Energy was stored, unfortunately. With his promise to his childhood friend to explore the vast world, he challenged the trial where he could change his destiny. After inheriting his father's legacy, two years later, he found that monsters invaded the pugilistic world. Alone in this chaotic world, the name Heavenly Mortal shone like the sun who paved the light in this darkness of time.


#Set in apocalyptic Pugilistic World(Jianghu)

I like reading manhwa, so this is my attempt at writing one. This is only around 200-300 chapters.

This novel is set in an apocalyptic pugilistic world, so expect to see a kingdom building, etc.

Martial Arts
Cheats Kingdom Building Post-apocalyptic
Table of Contents 3
  1. Trial (3)Nov 24, 2021
  2. Trial (2)Nov 24, 2021
  3. Trial (1)Nov 24, 2021
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