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/ Series / I like to clean, but instead of a Maid I became an infamous Daredevil
I like to clean, but instead of a Maid I became an infamous Daredevil
I like to clean, but instead of a Maid I became an infamous Daredevil
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Cleaning. Who could’ve known that such a simple chore could raise one’s skills and make them strong in combat.

Aight, Yes, our mc oh so loved cleaning so much, that it even caused her death.

Waking up in an unfamiliar ceiling, not a grand one but one you’d usually see on old buildings.

She did not panic and thought of “did I transmigrate?!!” which was what a common person would usually say, but instead touched both her heaven parts and made a surprised reaction “oh! It’s still there, thought I’d become a guy”

In this unfamiliar place, and one that she usually saw behind a screen at that. She immediately adjusted because cleaning materials still existed.

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  1. chapter 1Nov 25, 2021
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