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/ Series / Big Sneaky Barbarian
Big Sneaky Barbarian
Big Sneaky Barbarian
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4.0 (6 ratings)
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Gabe Skelter is a short, out-of-shape angry young man. He has no friends, a bad attitude and little prospects other than a general ability to cause mischief. However, during an ill-fated class trip, he's launched into a world of magic and video game skills, something he is ill-equipped to handle.

Now, transformed into a towering hulk of pure, furious stupidity, he begins to stumble his way through his new world while navigating a few unforeseen consequences of hastily choosing a class. But hey, at least he has his knowledge of Death Metal to get him through, right?


This is a semi-crunchy LitRPG featuring a character who begins as an angry edgelord and changes over time.

Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Arrogant Characters Comedic Undertone Crafting Fantasy World Fat to Fit Game Elements Magic Medieval Monsters Non-human Protagonist Orcs Reluctant Protagonist RPG Sharp-tongued Characters Social Outcasts Trickster Unlucky Protagonist
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Table of Contents
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