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/ Series / To make my CHA attribute as my main stat, I turn all three of my physical attribute into a dump stats(Marvel)
To make my CHA attribute as my main stat, I turn all three of my physical attribute into a dump stats(Marvel)
To make my CHA attribute as my main stat, I turn all three of my physical attribute into a dump stats(Marvel)
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I wanted my CHA attribute to be my main stat, but to do so I must turn all three of my physical attribute into a dump stats to max it.

All for the sake of getting myself laid, losing my virginity in my next life, something I failed desperately in my previous.

Fortunately, I also have enough points to properly invest the rest of my attribute point into my other mental attribute, WIS and INT, so it's not a complete mess.

But turn out, the universe I'm being reincarnate is a Marvel universe (MCU) where Gods and Monsters exist. How wonderful, to make it worse, it a mixture of other Marvel universe, so not only I have to worry about a Mad Titan God who dedicate his entire existent to save the universe... by wiping out half of the universe population to dust, I also have other Worldly Crisis to worry about.



Author note: recommend to read up to Chapter 4 at bare minimum, but best to read up to Chapter 10 to see whether you will like or not.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will be Soft Yandere, not Horror Yandere, which mean focus more on Romance genre and less or no focus in Horror and Tragedy genre.

*Please note, some of the love interest may or may not actually be a thing in the future, the more question mark appear behind their name, the more I am not sure they will become a love interest for the Main Character.
If there's no question mark at all behind their name, then it's almost guaranteed for them to become part of the harem, but if there's a number within a bracket IN FRONT of their name, it means they are now officially confirmed as a love interest.
The number represent which love interest first officially become the love interest, instead of scrapped by the author because the author change his mind and etc.
Most of the love interest will take a long time for them to properly appear in the stories let alone to even started to be interested in the main character.

**Sorry if the large amount of love interest turn you off but I promise, I will do my best to make sure they are decently written character at the very least and not have a writing depth equivalent of a cardboard character.
It probably take a lots of words/chapter for the last love interest to appear.
Probably in the range of hundreds of thousands or million of words.
There will at least be 4 love interest, at bare minimum.

***Love Interest: (1)Silvija Sablinova, Shuri, Harriet Osborn, Petra Parker, Felicia Hardy, Jessica Jones, MJ, Gwen Stacy, Ursula Volodymirovich(for sure lol, the best GIRL in toby maguire Spiderman, not a joke. She deserve some love).
Wanda Maximoff, Cindy Moon(?), Jean Grey(??), Natasha Romanov(???), Captain Marvel(???), Ororo Monroe(????), Emma Frost(????), Anna Marie(????).

New Potential Love Interest: Susan Storm/Invincible Woman(???), Female Version of QuickSilver(?)

*****Some gender swap marvel Character. Female Peter Parker, Female Harry Osborn(?), maybe more or maybe it just be the two of them. Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff is now officially part of it.

ActionFanfictionHaremLitRPGMartial ArtsRomance
Marvel MCU Spider-Man X-men
Charming Protagonist Childhood Friends Childhood Love Childhood Promise Clingy Lover Confident Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Gamers Handsome Male Lead Harem-seeking Protagonist Love Interest Falls in Love First Love Rivals Marriage Obsessive Love Older Love Interests Overpowered Protagonist Polygamy Possessive Characters Reincarnation RPG Strong Love Interests Weak to Strong Yandere
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    Status: Chapter 30

    It is a good novel so far. It is going a bit slow for some tastes but that isn't a problem for me. The only downside is the slow updates. Hopefully it picks up speed.

    Edit: It was doing good but it is dropped now. I have no clue if the author has works on other sites but I am a bit disappointed about random dropping of the novel. 

    Read More

    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 18

    Everything is good except monologs and dialogs are unnecessarily long to the point of dedicating a long chapter to explain one action or thought. 

    It would be better if explanations were short and direct rather than indirect and long. It feels like arriving the destination by using the long way.

    Since it makes the story harder to read and makes the contents of the chapter kinda empty, I'm giving 3.5/5. 

    Read More

    1 Likes · Like
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