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/ Series / Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World
Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World
Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World
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3.9 (79 ratings)
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*Villain MC*

Apathetic, cruel, and terrifyingly sadistic. Gray's world is brought alight when beings of unknown origin summon creatures and structures of terrifying nature to his hometown.

"Enjoy that feeling of pain. After all, you're only human." laughed Gray as he watched the goblin tug at the girl's breasts, prompting her to scream in pain.

Equipped with a rather unique power, and sadistic nature, Gray's days are bound to be filled with blood goring fun.

Join Gray on his bloodthirsty rampage, if you dare.


Hey there guys.
I just recently made a discord channel, and I hope you guys will join ^^
Here's the link:
And I also made a Patreon, I thought maybe we could raise money to make character illustrations (artwork) in the near future, other benefits will be given at a later time as well (such as in advance chapters). You are not obliged to pledge anything, however I ask for your support in this as well.
Here's the Patreon link:

Adventurers Alternate World Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Apocalypse Blood Manipulation Character Growth Clever Protagonist Contracts Crazy Protagonist Dark Demons Dungeons Evil Protagonist Goblins Gore Level System Magic Magic Beasts Monsters Overpowered Protagonist Stockholm Syndrome Zombies
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Table of Contents
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    Status: cub to raise

    Aight not gonna lie  I came into this book expecting the MC to become a false softie in about 10 chapters but heh.  nope this went well up and beyond whatever I thought it would be and imma wait for more chapters

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    Status: white huntress (4)

    Title : Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World

    Alignment : Chaotic Evil

    Review : This novel is about the tale of a sociopath who went through a sh*t childhood and as a result of it, became a sociopath (quite realistic if I say so myself). He finds life as something meaningless and very boring, very boring that is until he comes in face with a revelation of new era where three worlds merged and created a dungeon-oriented world where you can kill monsters and level up. Unlike the usual novels which makes the MC go on the route of harem-seeking this one takes a more unique and enjoyable one. The protagonist finds his meaning of life in taking other peoples life and being in dangerous situations. He has no bottom line and he would go as far as killing his parents for power. He has a female slave who behaves like and is a mindless robot. The pace at which the protagonist grows isn't fast but neither is it too slow. The novel contains no annoying info-dumps which is always a + from me. The side-characters can be ret*rded sometimes but the important characters all have brains, sometimes more than that of the main character (and the MC is sufficiently smart). He isn't the only one in this world with an OP (somewhat) ability either. Ex: One dude can literally call meteorite strikes in earth from any place.


    1. Some people are smart but side characters seem to be jumping into conclusions too early. And many times come off as something unrealistic.

    2. The female slave is sort off cliche, I would recommend author to kill her off at some point as that would make it more interesting. As much as she is cute and necessary, it just doesn't make sense if the protagonist suffers no lose.

    3. Protagonist is a little too cold, Usually that wouldn't be a complain of mine as the colder one is the more I like him, but it's almost as if he doesn't know how to socialize which leads to conflicts between some random side-character. Make him feel a little more alive.

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: white huntress (4)

    Really nice story of a person bored of the world and the people around him. I am truly glad of his direct personality and that personality sticks to the tags of the novel, which is the reason I like the novel and I read it, not like others where they are 'evil', 'ruthless', 'antihero, because they killed one enemy and then they become goody two shoes, I hated novels like those. Here you get what it is promised with superb quality and no censure. Hope to read a lot more chapters of this amazing novel, keep it up.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: the cult of amaymon part 10

    Good Plot✓

    No Harem✓ 

    Crazy Mc✓

    Evil Mc✓

    Bloodthirsty Mc✓

    Worth Reading? ☑️

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: Booksmart

    Great evil MC story, there isn't any useless baggage that follows the MC around. His power is strong but has enough drawbacks that its balanced. Author doesn't shy away from hardcore themes that would be present in an apocalypse setting, and I hope we get to see more of them. Keep up the good writing.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: acclimatization

    This, is a really good novel unlike the other cliche novels when the MC was a loser and now the world is falling into chaos and you got an op power suddenly and decide to go and be that harem seeking guy that is not the case with this one the MC wasn't actually a loser he was a crazy person who finds life pointless and saw his time to shine when the apocalypse came he doesn't want love money he only wants strength to rule over others and kill now I'm not saying he just mindlessly kills. No he's actually quite smart and cunning. This is what makes this unique and he would go as far as to kill his own parents for power that's how cold he is 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: blade of cimmerian shade (1)

    Despite the initial fear of another edgelord, the MC ended up being quite interesting, with a long-term OP power and nice head. Even with the girl joining the MC, no 'dark lord to kind hero' change occurred, another good point.

    The number of characters and POV is also nice, giving a better idea of the world around the MC but at the same time, poking a few holes in the plot. What kind of tech still works, what is the size of the tutorial barriers, about how many people got caught in the tutorial barrier, and how in the hell do people continue to find black suits despite very few of them being able to fight an F-rank elite? And such questions popped every time that the POV changed to a side-char.

    My problems with the novel came in the form of the following: too many pov changes in just one chapter (sometimes just to half a dozen lines, and change again), excess of author notes breaking the immersion (mainly describing things that could be described normally in two lines or less), and lack of the Overpowered or Genius tag because really, the MC is broken.

    Despite never learning about swordsmanship or weapons outside of hunting who knows how many years ago, the MC displays an absurd level of mastery in around 1~3 days of use. The same for guns. He literally prints everything he sees in his head, including firearms structures, and then, in hours, already manages to replicate with his skills.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: a shady vampire

    Absolutely beautiful. A wonderful read for those who love sadistic and villainous characters. With gore, descriptive scenes, and defined scenery, I recommend this novel to all my fellow readers. Ps; Though I'm loving this novel so far, I've been itching to read more, however there's yet to be another chapter since February 10th, of 2022. It's making me kind of anxious.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: daexalim

    Almost good. The first several chapters hooked me up, even though I usually prefer more rational main characters over crazy ones. But gradually, it became duller and duller. Simply because the main character becomes less relevant as the story progresses. So many things happen around Gray, yet the author often fails to demonstrate how these things are important to him, or what gains he can potentially have. It becomes directionless, or instead he is completely restrained by the factors outside of his control, like a fish in the net who struggles to live, but doesn't know why to live in the first place.

    Seeing that it is hiatus for more than a year now, the question arises - was it worth it? I would say yes. At least the first volume.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: finale

    At the moment of the review this novel is abandoned in middle of volume 2 so the review is only for the volume 1.

    1. The s*xual content tag is bit of a click bait, there is s*x but only at the first chapters and one near the end of the volume. Do not expect smut or heavy s*xual themes.
    2. The MC alignment is chaotic evil that only want to kill for fun, no romance nor harem (no se.x).
    3. The protagonist is very similar to Arifureta protagonist but in evil, in battle style (crafting weapons) to the actual aspect 

      white hair and loses the right arm (near middle of the volume)

    4. The world building (New Vautis) is interesting, especially the new factions that are being formed but not deeply explored in the volume 1.
    5. The master/slave relationship is a true one, Not where the MC treat the slave as friend or companion.
    6. The goblins from goblin slayer is watching you and your waifus :D

    In the end, this is a good concept and entertaining of story that I can recommend but is a shame that is abandoned.

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    1 Likes · Like
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