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4.7 (55 ratings)
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For the longest time, Aideen Fiachna had only one prescient wish; to be the daughter her parents could take pride in.

The idea was a tall order, especially as her father stood at the head of the Templar order, and her grandfather as the Pope. However, she endeavored to try nonetheless.

Yet fate had a different path in store for her.

For all her efforts, all her best laid plans, were but the broken off crumbs of 'one day'. That day, she was brutally slain by a vile, accursed undead being.

Though, not even restful eternity awaited her in death.

She awakened inside a coffin. Her coffin. During her own funeral wake. Discovering, to her horror, that she had risen. Not somehow resurrected, no, but back in the form of that most hated of beings--the curse of undeath.

What will fate deal her next?

Chapters will range from 1-2.5k words, scheduled for release every day from Monday to Friday.



-Character progression in a journey of self discovery that spanned the ages

-World building

-Tragedy and Comedy in roughly equal measures

-Occasional action

Do not expect:

-Much in terms of romance

-Politics, barring passing views and mentions

-A lighthearted tale. This story will be a good bit grimmer than my previous one

Any comments, reviews, and criticism will be much appreciated.

And thank you for reading.


This story is my original work and only posted on the Royal Road and Scribblehub websites. If you should find this story elsewhere or under another name, please let me know.

Also please don't be too hard on me when I make occasional grammatical mistakes, English is my third language after all. XD

Edit suggestions are very welcome though.


AdultComedyFantasyMartial ArtsMaturePsychologicalSeinenSlice of LifeTragedy
Age Progression Appearance Different from Actual Age Calm Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Character Growth Dead Protagonist Death of Loved Ones Depictions of Cruelty Depression Determined Protagonist Discrimination Female Protagonist First-time Intercourse Human-Nonhuman Relationship Immortals Necromancer Nudity Pansexual Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Personality Changes Pragmatic Protagonist R-15 Romantic Subplot Sex Friends Unique Weapon User
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Table of Contents 634
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 30 – a second life for...

    The story starts slow, but moves at a steady pace after chapter 14. I don't think the pacing is an issue since the chapters are not too long. The writing style is fluid and easy to read, another plus.

    Overall, it's surprisingly fluffy for a story with this premise, but it can be attributed to the main character's personality. Aideen is stronger than she seems. Her sudden and brutal death only shocked her instead of giving her a crippling post death trauma.

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 412 – culture shock (part 2)

    Starts out slow and relaxed, picks up pace for a bit before becoming one of the best slice of life stories I have found on the web thus far. Only negative point: The part about 'trying to be a daughter her family could take pride in' from the Synopsis doesn't realy comes up.

    Otherwise, a fantastical story with fantastical world building. It also truly explores the consequences of being truly immortal and eternal in a world mostly consisting of mortals, and best of all: MC is not some evil powerhungry twisted murderhobo bitch which I am seeing all too often as of late. No, MC is, considering her circumstances, pretty normal.

    If you are searching for something relaxed to read, without all those attempts to make up some nonesense shemes and dark atmosphere, you are right here. There is no greater evil to fight, no monster from beyond time and space waiting as the final boss, no, just a woman making due with living forever (, or unliving forever?).

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 11 – laborious lessons learned

    Boring. Not my type of story or writing I enjoy. Very slow paced.  All the cool parts like powers and people are not emphasized in a interesting way. The whole premise of her being undead in a holy country with a family in the church was very underwhelming. It felt like it was just sweeped under the rug or underreacted. In short, not gripping at all, made me sad at the lost potential.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: prologue – a restful peace…

    I want to give this story a 5 star review. There are, however, some glaring issues that made me decide on 4.

    I feel like it's important to say that I LOVE this story and am currently subscribed to the author on Patreon. I suggest giving this story a chance regardless of the issues I'm going to point out. I only wish to outline them so you will be ready for them when they show up. This is done in hopes that you'll ignore them long enough to enjoy the story.

    That being said. There are a lot of errors in the writing, sometimes to the point of completely confusing the reader. Most of these errors are due to a simple failure to do a proper spell check. Some, however, are due to confusing wording or sentence sructure.

    I'm not the type of person to jump on people for mispelling words or using grammar improperly. I'm a terrible speller myself and I can't lift my arm high enough to be a Grammar Nazi. The frequency of mistakes, however, is the crux of the issue. There is very little effort going into proofreading.

    In the author's defense, they release chapters DAILY so I understand the time crunch involved. Not all readers will give that leeway though, which is unfortunate. I would not be surprised if that is the primary reason the story has't retained even 10% of it's original readers.

    It's sad. I really want to see this story be read by more people.

     The sentences are often structured in a way that does not help stave off fatigue either. The author uses hyphenated sentences often which causes the reader to have to re-read the sentence to remember what the original context was.


    Now, I know I don't have the best memory and the whole squirrel-brain thing doesnt help, but this isn't an issue that only affects ADHD people. Readers get tired. If you are going out of your way to convolute your story then readers won't go out of their way to read it. Possibly another contributing factor to the lack of consistent readers.

    The story also has a hyper-centric facination with food, especially in the later chapters. Now, this isnt necessarily a bad thing. A lot of folks dig food talk in stories and I'm not mad at you. I mostly skim these for relevent content and leap over the rest. 

    Be prepared for detailed meal descriptions every few chapters once the story progresses. This wont really be all that common until sometime after chapter 300, though. Either that, or that's just when it started getting to me. Food smut, so to speak, isn't really my bag. 

    If you're into that kind of thing, that might be a selling point for you. The author is pretty damn good at giving you a tangible description. I can't think of a single moment in this story that I felt like I Couldn't visualize what the author was telling me (barring the afformentioned hyphenated sentence structure).

    I also have to give props to the author for the vocabulary. This MFer made me google more words in a week than I had in the month before it. I love that ish! Teach me more words, damnit!

    My last issue with the writing is this. Exposition. More importantly, exposition in the form of character lore/info dumping in dialogue. Luckily this shows up more in the earlier chapters then it does in the later ones.

    I'm a firm proponent to the "show don't tell" aporoach. Long winded dialogue about how the world works or what happend a bajillion years ago is just plain exhausting. If it's important to the story, there should be a way to introduce it in an exciting and concise manner.

    I'm not againt characters giving information. It's necessary in fact. However, there should't be paragraphs of information being tossed around casually by your characters. That's the least enjoyable way to learn something about the world you're attempting to immerse yourself into.

    The history of the world or lore of the characters should have impact. We should feel invested in those aspects of the story. If they don't feel urgent, you run the risk of wasting page space on somthing that will be quickly forgotten by the reader.

    Now that I have all of that out of the way, I think its pretty telling about the story that most of my issues are about fixable issues and not about the story's direction or chatacters. 

    This story has a very enjoyable direction. You really do feel as if you're following this person theough their life and watching that life change them. Sometimes it's for the better. Sometimes... not so much. 

    It really does play with the concept of struggling with your own mortality, or lack there of. 

    This is an enjoyable journey that's worthy of a read. 

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    Status: chapter 140 – the western fort town

    There's something so interesting to read a story like this, of different cultures and experiences, of growth and the passage of time through the ages and the changes it brings, very rarely do you read things that follow a story through a significant passage of time and the troubles that come with it, yes its slow paced but there's plenty to enjoy regardless, between following her life and the relationships she has and grows with, all her concerns and how she grows and matures as a person and there's plenty of conflict too, not unneccessarily too much or too less, reasonable as there will always be war and conflict, just not every single one has to involve the MC every time, and they don't have to be the center point too, time and the world moves on regardless.

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