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A thousand years ago—the world changed for the worse. Creatures known as Monstras intruded into the once peaceful land led by their renowned Regina of Space Irina, tearing the thin lives of humanity. What was once a spherical world had turned into a tattered cube clouded with void together with 7.799 billion lives.

In an ironic effort to cling onto their lives, humanity fought back, evolved, and used the blood of Monstras to repel them—but little did they know, the experimentation performed on themselves only led to the birth of a greater enemy.

—And so, one thousand years after their initial appearance, the first war against Monstra has started.
* This story is copyrighted under the name Shindou Mihou, any unauthorized copies will be filed a DMCA.
* Uploaded also in RoyalRoad under the same name.

ActionDramaFantasyLitRPGSchool LifeSci-fiSlice of LifeSupernaturalTragedy
Abandoned Children Academy Accelerated Growth Apocalypse Artifacts Battle Academy Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Character Growth Conditional Power Death of Loved Ones Enemies Become Allies Friends Become Enemies Girl's Love Subplot Lovers Reunited Sealed Power
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Table of Contents
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