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Golden Fox with System
Golden Fox with System
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4.0 (380 ratings)
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      Status: 7 beginner pack
      Aug 12, 2019

      I am only at chapter 10 out of the 70 or so written, so this is only a review of this first portion of the series so far. Still, from what I've seen, I think I can make an evaluation at this point.

      Basically, whatever you pictured in your mind when you read the title, that's exactly what you get out of this series. It is a fairly basic wish-fulfillment series where the fox just gets stronger with the help of the system. It is a fun read to pass the time if you are into wish fulfillment, but it could use some help with the writing.

      It is in serious need of some editing. It is filled with redundancies, such as "I was sleepy so I went to sleep, " or "I opened the bottle and took the pill out of the bottle" as well as fairly basic sentence structures like "I was running, he noticed me and was running at me. We were running at each other." (The author has a very bad habit of repeating the same point several times, especially during action scenes.)

      So, there is a lot of sub-par writing to get through, but it is not an entirely unenjoyable series. I am half tempted to offer my services as an editor for this series if only I had the time for it. I will be continuing to read in order to see if the story actually goes somewhere interesting and doesn't stay to just this basic wish-fulfillment stuff.

      (Also, the action scenes need some serious work. The author definitely does not know how animals fight. Animals pounce, use their claws to pin the target, and then finish them with a bite. However, in this series, all the animals seem to just swipe with their claws, and for some strange reason doing so blows the target backward like they were punched. This bit of unreality really breaks the immersion.)

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      20 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c55
      Nov 11, 2019

      I honestly don't know how I should have felt about this novel.

        As it being the Number 1 novel overall I was expecting a lot considering I read some others and found them okay, however this novel really doesn't have a lot going for it in the case of... well really anything at all. For the beginning it was a little hard to get through but overall I didn't find anything wrong with it save for the spelling mistakes and the very random nature of everything, including the writing style which was a very weird mix of talking in action the continuing to say it again outside of speech, but that fixed itself mostly by the time I dropped it so it wasn't one of my bigger grips about it in general. What really dragged this novel down for me wasn't any of the spelling mistakes, it was the lack of any sort of cohesive story or just a general idea on what the author was trying to do with this. It felt like he was just dragging it chapter by chapter without planning ahead on anything at all for the book. It was especially glaring with his prices on the items in the system's shop too. The chapters felt monotonous sort of, he'd wake up do the same thing over and over again for what felt like 5 chapters with talks of various random things going on that, while they were interesting, weren't really worth much in the grand scheme.

      It wasn't awful. Once I got through the first 20 or so which was relatively okay it started actually picking up, and I started to sort of enjoy it, however it all went down hill with the introduction of the 3rd member of the MC's group. The member itself wasn't the issue they were okay yet cardboard like all the other characters up to that point, however the author gave.. what 3-4 chapters to talk about that one person before throwing in, might I add out of no where, random boring 4th and 5th members of the group, to which I have no idea if they stuck around long enough to actually become anything. 


      The MC decided that to be the magnanimous and all loving character that he is, he would help a random wolf that he met through the bashing of the former's sister before she begged for her life by calling the MC master and asked him to save her sister from something or other. It was so god awful that I skimmed through it because it was so disgustingly stupid and out of nowhere even for a novel such as this. It felt like the only reason he decided that this was the best course of action was because they were females, like that was the only reason it was even considered at all. I mean just prior they were killing anything in sight that could be good for the MC's power. Like they didn't massacre an entire horde of the same species because they did the same thing, trying to kill them. 


        After all of this I have to say it wasn't a novel I cared about, but does that mean I want the author to just quit and stop doing this? No. It's his novel first and foremost what he does with it is at his own discretion and management, just because I didn't like it doesn't mean you won't either. I'd say try it a little bit. Forgive it for the beginning mistakes and see how much you like it afterwards. At the end of the day to judge someones work for their first time is like yelling at a kid playing the piano for the first time. Yeah it sucks, but that doesn't mean that with enough work they can't get better.  

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      10 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: Read to Chapter 15 and stopped
      Oct 8, 2019

      (UPDATED 10/16/2019 after reading 15 chapters; also posted on Royal Road)

      I initially stopped to post a short review of this story after reading six chapters and watching the main character transform into the titular Golden Fox. The repetitive dialogue, constant (parenthesizing) and [bracketing] of words every paragraph, and our hero's singular obsession with power-leveling for "cultivation" and "System Points" in lieu of coherent worldbuilding and character development turned me off from reading any further. Why pick it up again? To see if that was just an unfortunate start to the story and things improve in the later chapters. (Short answers: it was, and they don't.)

      15 chapters in, and the plot still largely hinges around Theo's personal quest to become the most powerful... something-or-other. He gains lots of new abilities and passes on some of the mana he's harvested to the other red fox who saved him, and then she transforms into an ice-elemental fox and continues to sit in the background while Theo does all the cool-looking stuff. After all that, he evolves and learns how to talk, and the two magic foxes discover a village with a bunch of other animals in it, but even as the village leader is trying to teach him about his village and the world surrounding him, all Theo seems to care about is his training. This, despite nothing being able to do any serious lasting harm to Theo, thanks to his "System's" ability to create healing and power-up items out of thin air almost at will.

      The basic writing problems that bogged down the first several chapters still haven't gone away. The narration and dialogue continue to repeat themselves (Theo: "A [Village]? Are there humans living in the forest?" Not far from where they were, Theo and Yuki spotted a (Village).). There's still that weird mixture of prose-style and script-style dialogue tags whenever a character thinks or speaks (Theo: "It's really good!" Theo answered honestly.) The only good thing I can say is that the spelling and terminology errors seem to have diminished a bit.

      Despite not being labeled a "LitRPG", the presence of the do-anything "System" and the author casually throwing around numbers, status screens, "System Point" notifications, and standard fantasy items like health and mana potions (and curiously mentioning percentage increases and decreases in stats without offering any comparisons) suggest that Golden Fox wants to be a LitRPG without actually saying it is, or may have been so at some early stage in development before the talking animals and mysticism elements were added.

      There isn't much of anything I can recommend in this story. It doesn't work very well as an adventure tale, the action scenes are too short to be exciting (save for one ridiculous scene where Theo attacks a wolf with a lightning bolt powerful enough to create a twenty-meter-wide crater without damaging any of the surrounding forest), and the only thing that sets the pseudo-RPG "System" apart is its use of flowery titles for its levels and tiers when numbers would have worked just as well. You could enjoy it as a power fantasy, but even that starts to get old after scene after scene of inconsequential battles - even the narrative eventually skips over them to dole out experience and shop points just to get on with it. Me? I think I'll pass.

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      8 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c5
      Sep 30, 2019

      This is very roughly written. At the very least it could use a good proofreader since this reads like a story written by someone doesn't speak English fluenty, but the actual writing style itself is also offputting because of just how casual everything is. 

      Reincarnated after dying? "Aw shucks! Oh well. Guess I'll live here then."

      Fox mother is injured? "How sad. Oh well. Guess I'll fix it."

      Mass slaughter of lesser creatures just to power level? "Meh."

      Ideas come to him out of nowhere for plot convenience, he doesn't bother to really test himself, maybe an hour after gaining the body he is a natural at BEING that creature, he doesn't really put any effort into figuring out why he has the system... the minor issues are endless, but that's just nitpicking.

      My main issue is that so much is simply TOLD to us. Show don't Tell is a literary staple for a good reason; at the very least if the author did more Showing and less Telling then each chapter would be twice as long as three times as good.

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      7 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c43
      Jul 25, 2019

      Ch 43 / 63 and I don't have to continue to read to write this review, not once this novel let me down, truly good.

      Some things can still be improved but given how fast the writer improves, there should be almost nothing to complaint about at ch 63. 

      I strongly recommend  xD

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c20
      Jun 28, 2020

      This is a weird novel. It's clear it's a first-time attempt/amateur writer and the inspiration from Japanese/Chinese novels is pretty evident, leading to awkward conversations and single-minded protagonists without much breadth of thought.

      It's a simple wish-fulfillment cultivation story without much depth. I guess what it has going for it is its length.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 117: selling weapons part 1
      Sep 25, 2019

      Very much a wish fulfillment story, but at the same time it makes it an interesting read as well.

      I'm genuinely pleased to read about an MC that uses his brain and his brawn. There are obviously small plot holes, minor flaws and a good layer of plot armor but all told this is an enjoyable read if you're looking to kill time and put a small smile on your face from the sheer adorableness of little Yui and her family.

      All told, worth your time and consideration.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 90
      Aug 15, 2019

      It had pretty decent start to be honest but it's slightly starting to loose its edge with the introduction of modern like technology.

      Then again I'm not really bothered by wish fulfillment novels as long as they make it up in other areas like world building, exploration and discovery without the common pitfalls of standard clichés we've read hundreds of times.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c220
      Aug 1, 2020

      I must say a very good job if you want a strong protagonist of attitude and without being screwed by 1001 enemies

      with a good romance that advances of course is harem so it's for you too I liked to start with him as a fox and he still fights like a fox sometimes many

      authors when the MC acquires human form they forget the nonhuman form of the mc

      and for a change too is a work without those tragic dramas That there is a lot in chinese works of course I know it is not chinese but the style is

      so continue the great work I love this work and I like the MC with long hair I think it looks cooler  :D <3

      oh and it's also a refreshing job with some intrigue clear more with MC strong and determined without frills of fear of killing or or fear of what think others and even more beautiful heroines and goddess kkk

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 172: what are you doing...
      Nov 4, 2019

      A really good series, the cultivation is good and the story development and romance are great. The story is very casual but in a good way with the pace of the series isn't too fast nor slow

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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