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/ Series / Magical Giants: The Life of Zmeya
Magical Giants: The Life of Zmeya
Magical Giants: The Life of Zmeya
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4.6 (79 ratings)
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Magical Giants, a massive offline game that gained popularity when it was launched 5 years ago. The reason of the game's popularity was due to its massive choice in character customization. The game had boomed in the last 4 years, and it was the biggest PC game at the time.

The world of Deepland, where Giants, Monsters and Magical Girl freely roamed the world, it was truly an interesting concept for a game.

One of the game player was a poor youngster who had always dreamed of seeing his favorite game with his own eyes. The game had supported VR Device, but as he had no money to buy it, he made it himself in order to realize his dream.

When he tried his DIY VR Helmet, he can't take it off for some reason and he hit his PC, causing it to be short-circuited because of his crappy VR Helmet. He was unconscious because of being electrocuted. But, when he opened his eyes, he was in a ruin with a familiar girl by his side. Not only that, he was in his game character!

Follow the unfortunate youngster, now Magical Girl in his/her adventure in Deepland.

Cover was commisioned from @Just_Dit(Instagram). Visit him if you wanted to commission some art!
English is not my first language, so if you found some error in grammar, please tell me! I will fix it ASAP!
Uploaded on Webnovel and RoyalRoad!

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Tier 1: 3 Advanced Chapters
Tier 2: 5 Advanced Chapters
Tier 3: 5 Advanced Chapters + 5 Fanfiction Advanced Chapters

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Table of Contents
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    Status: Chapter 25 – Harmless Prank

    I'm not typically a fan of magical girl related media but Magical Giants is one of the exceptions. It's hard to label it as a Magical girl story despite being the main theme because it's quite different from the norm in that it's more like a Isekai fantasy novel that happens to have magical girls. 

    It starts out like most Isekai stories. Nagami, the MC unexpectedly ends up in an Yuri eroge game when he died trying to use a self-made VR set to play it. He wakes up as the character he made, Zmeya; a short beautiful girl with a haughty yet playful personality. There's no bullsh*t about trying to find a way back, complaining about becoming a girl, or existential contemplation about themselves or the world. No, MC just completely rolls with it and accepts he had become Zmeya and goes on to enjoy life without any worries. 

    While Zmeya's quite OP in that world, with her character having reached the endgame alongside an inventory stacked with money and endgame items, she doesn't get too involved in the game's plot. Only enough to make sure things stay interesting and the game heroine goes the route she thinks would be most fun for her. 

    The Yuri scenes are written well and interesting to read in my opinion. There's enough to see that MC isn't against intimacy with others but it's not rushed or saturated throughout the story that she's a s*x hungry fiend. Zmeya finds fun in teasing cute girls but as Nagami is sometimes embarrassed by how she acts.

    If there's anything to complain about it's that the game heroine girl is somewhat disappointing as of now. Whenever the story POV switches to her it tends to be short and concise. She ends up not seeming like an actual person but just a rigid game character. Considering she's to be one of the main focuses of Zmeya, I'd like to see if they were as detailed like Zmeya's POV so it would so she'd have her own individuality rather than just an add-on to Zmeya's. For example, I would I liked to see more of her personal perspective and opinion on other characters like Zayats, the MC's companion. I'd also like to tread her own path in that world rather than just generically following the game's plotline as the game heroine. With Zmeya's influence, all the normal game events should change enough that it's not so generic. 

    All in all it's so far been a great Yuri story with an interesting, unique fantasy setting. The characters are all well written that they're all actual individuals and don't just exist purely for the MC. It's too early to tell if the action or adventuring will be good or not since they're still at the beginning town. One thing I hope stays and isn't forgotten is Nagami's personality. My favorite aspects of the story is the gap moe between the prominent haughty Zmeya and the shy Nagami. It'd be interesting to see how other characters would react and think of her when they realize she's actually a shy individual behind all the haughtiness and teasing she does. 

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    Status: chapter 40 – wood of mandragora

    This is a good story. Although the premise is a bit rough and shaky at the start. But if you passed that then everything will make sense. It contains a bit of slice of life between each character.

    The author also develops each characters along with the development of world. Which makes each action of each characters in the story to have their own personalities and emotion

    Overall it is great...I highly suggest it if you are into an op MC who doesn't flaunt their skills just because they want to. She also doesn't hide strength to other. Like certain stories out there.


    Op mc

    In depth characters

    Good world and plot development

    Reliable and clever MC

    Good handling of mysteries in the story



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    Status: c32

    at first

    I wanted to drop this cause she's being a little bitch and I just wanted to show her, her place really

    buuuuuut I forced myself to read moree 

    and then I understood how her though process and her act is not that bad, and actually make sense and not really do something without any thoughts behind it. I like this

    Right, the story soo far I like how this progress and character and world building is nice

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chiatus

    MC is a confusing character, as well other characters, cuz they are just riding the flow with her.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: c25

    Great story so far can't wait for more

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