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/ Series / Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
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4.5 (170 ratings)
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      Status: arc vi chapter iii
      Sep 17, 2019

      Si vis pacem para bellum (translation: If you want peace, prepare for war) is, obviously, a fancfiction of the Naruto series if you read the tags. It is destined at people who know the original story.

      All I will say about the story is that it is about a girl who is reincarnated into the Naruto world and she living through  the events that take place. There will be good moments and tragic moments (which I never saw it coming).

      The personality of the MC is, how should I describe it, kinda chaotic evil in my opinion: ruthless against her enemies (she will kill them if she can) and her "friends" (she will torment them) ; somewhat loyal; petty (she will remember who did what) ; she has mood swings; prideful; arrogant;  etc. Quite an interesting character.

      The main selling point of this novel is the worldbuilding. If Naruto is a story destined to a younger audience that shows good is good, evil is evil, this novel is destined to the more mature audience that will show the more gruesome details. The author researched the Naruto world detail by detail and for each plot hole or weirdness there was in Naruto, the author implemented a reason that explained the situation or used the MC to show them and leave a hypothesis. For example, the author wrote two chapters just to somewhat organise the army of the villeage.

      Personaly, I did not expect much from a fanfiction of Naruto, but was left surprised again and again and now I am always waiting for the next chapter.

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      Status: arc viii chapter xii
      Apr 5, 2020

      Si vis pacem para bellum is all in all one of the best fanfics I've read. It is not a rollercoaster of plot twists over the main Naruto plot, nope, instead it cleverly introduces its characters, their intentions and assesses the plot holes of the og giving the story a "unique" world building while not completely derailing from ninja world premise of the og.

      In terms of character development I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of it was consequence based and that Asami's (our cute MC) mental state is very relevant to the plot.


      The thirst for fluff is strong in this one, I need more dear author :3

      In conclusion I like the story and I think you would enjoy it even if you aren't too much of a fan of Naruto, I didn't write a review earlier since I was struggling to come up with something without spoiling too much :P

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      Status: arc viii chapter xv
      Aug 3, 2020

      I only came to comment that it is a great story, with unexpected plot twists, after the rewriting few grammatical errors, a very interesting character as well as simply adorable, also, despite having a very strong character it is not absurd and, therefore, Being a somewhat serious story, it does not get boring (at least in my opinion), then I also have to say that it presents a more realistic perspective of the world of Naruto, and not all are forgivable as in Anime or Manga, oh, and in As for another review that says that Asami is insufferable at least for me it is not, as a reader I only find her adorable personality, in addition to the fact that she has a genetic reason to be quite insufferable for others, not to mention everything that happened and


      He is very traumatized but hides it with his cheerful and arrogant exterior.

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      Status: arc viii chapter viii
      Jul 27, 2020

      Hello Readers Who Prefer Short Revievs,

      1) Stoory is a Fanfic, wich inherently have a minus, - you need to be familar with the main story. If you are familiar with it (you know at least main characters) you are OK.

      2) MC have no idea who Naruto is and where the hell she is. Wich is wonderful in my opinion.

      3) MC is chaotic. But if in other novels it is a sign of a bad writing, here it is a belivable and highly entertaining character.

      My opininon is, - solid 4.
      (I will rate it as 5 becouse there are alot of nonsens stories rated higher.)

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      Status: arc viii chapter xv
      Dec 7, 2020

      Overall a good fanfiction with more than enough original elements to have me truly curious as to what was going to happen in the story.

      It did not stick too closely to the original story which I both liked and found a tad frustrating. It wasn't what I expected but honestly it was good enough that its divergence from good Naruto scenes didn't hamper the story. It makes sense that the author has started a new book that is entirely original. You can see the talent for it here.

      So this book is incomplete. There is much of the Naruto story to still get through, but I can't see the author returning to it. It seems to be because of a lack of readership or community interaction... I'm not entirely sure as I can't find the answer plainly stated somewhere. Point is, the story has been seemingly finished halfway... or at some point through I don't now where.

      Edit: The series is currently on hold for rewrites and editing but the Author did clarify it will progress after.

      I really enjoyed this work and would have liked to continue reading it but it seems not to be for now atleast. 

      It is important for readers to know this, you won't be seeing the parts of Naruto Shippuuden in this story as it didn't get that far in the Naruto Plot.  Though I still think it worth the read.

      This isn't to say our MC is a weak Genin/Chuunin. The story diverges alot which is all I will say.

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      Status: arc viii chapter xv
      Nov 8, 2020

      I just have one thing to say:

      Yes. Just yes.

      The story makes sense. Instead of your typical "reincarnated into x story and cheating with future knowledge", Asami is just a person from a random, presumably magic-based world. This then brings me to my next thought: her powers.

      Her main power is her stupid power reserve which makes sense. Chakra, being a kind of energy is a bit similar to mana, and thus, as in her past life she had a mana core to store mana, her chakra capacity is high. I'm not 100% sure, but I like to think that she is also able to use whatever training method she had in her past life to increase her chakra, and if so, neat. If not, meh, how chakra is increased in Naruto was never really explained.

      Overall, just read it.

      In fact, why haven't you already read it? Go. Now.

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      Status: arc vii chapter 9
      Dec 28, 2020

      Writing is ok, but there are regularly sentences with missing words.

      First half was good and enjoyable, but the longer the story went the worse things got. At this point most readers seem to only enjoy the MC doing cute things, that aren't cute at all (judging from the comments).

      Story is basically psychopathic MC becoming more and more unstable.

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