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/ Series / Seducing the Ladies of my Family
Seducing the Ladies of my Family
Seducing the Ladies of my Family
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4.1 (40 ratings)
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Jia Chin's soul traveled to the World of Sword and Magic and occupied the body of a dying young man. He unknowingly entered a world filled of monsters, demons and adventurers. The danger to his life was everywhere.

He awakened the 'FtH' system, and signed in every day to get rewards. He thought he would soon become an invincible being relying on system while enjoying his easy life, but fate wouldn't allow it, as one after another problems started to appear disturbing his perverted life.
A/N: Sorry to interrupt everyone. The Patreon Channel is live now!

At just $1, you can get all chapters in advance (20 in total)

And, if you are feeling very generous, then for $5, you get Exclusive Side Chapters too! Lots of mystery there.

Well, it's not compulsory to donate since everything I write (except the exclusive stuff) would be released publicly one day.

And especially not if you are financially troubled, alright?!

Just drop a tip if you feel like it. It's okay not to as well.

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Hope to see you all again soon!
Alternate Names: Seducing the Ladies Around Me
Current Release Schedule: Undetermined.


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Table of Contents
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    Status: c0

    He's really provocative when he keeps calling himself Jia Xin. He made me jump from chapter 3 to chapter 31. He still licks  penis and still calls himself Jia f**king Xin. Really, the Chinese novels are stupid and here you know that even if they treat them like their son, he's still a son of a bitch and he considers them strangers.

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