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/ Series / I’ve turned into a Fox girl?
I’ve turned into a Fox girl?
I’ve turned into a Fox girl?
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3.9 (79 ratings)
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Join the discord Server there are extra details about the characters and the world so it would be great to see you there
Discord: Shoomoon#8817
Shaman, a normal teenage girl falls asleep on the eve of her 18th birthday like any other night. She awakens to find herself in an unknown place in an unfamiliar body with an unhelpful voice in her head.

On top of her new fox ears and tail, she seems to have memories of this new world and the body she finds herself in. Unfortunately not all of the memories are clear and she must rely on this rpg like system in her head to both unlock these memories and guide her on a path home.

As she explores the world she finds that it is somehow both modern and not, with magic permeating every day life. Architecture reminiscent of the 1700s clashes with modern day conveniences enabled through magic.

Will Shaman be able to make use of her knowledge of video games and novels to take advantage of her rpg system in this new world? Or will she be dragged down and entangled by the darkness of the world around her as she searches for the truth behind her circumstances? Many eyes are upon her as she takes center stage in this new world
THIS IS NOT A HAREM. This is just a normal yuri.

I try to update everyday, if not every second day
This cover was made by Kiridea please check her out on Instagram @Kiridea_draws and her Twitter @kiridea24 she did an amazing job so please send some love.

ActionAdultAdventureComedyGirls LoveIsekaiMatureRomanceSmut
Adventurers Alternate World Animal Characteristics Artifacts Beast Companions Beastkin Beasts Beautiful Female Lead Carefree Protagonist Caring Protagonist Character Growth Couple Growth Cute Protagonist Early Romance Elemental Magic Evolution Female Protagonist Game Elements Goddesses Gods Half-human Protagonist Level System Multiple POV Transported into Another World
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