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/ Series / What’s Wrong with Only Having a Shield? My Summoner Hates Me
What’s Wrong with Only Having a Shield? My Summoner Hates Me
What’s Wrong with Only Having a Shield? My Summoner Hates Me
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Follow the adventure of an ex-university student, Rin, as he gets reincarnated as a "Spirit" with a shield being his only weapon in another world. Although he is overjoyed at the chance to live out a childhood fantasy, there's one major problem... His "Summoner", Isabel, sees no reason to keep a "Spirit" who's only good for defense in her party! Rin has to find a way to survive in battles and dungeons as an unwanted and heavily under-leveled character!

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      New skimip
      Status: chapter 1: there goes my university...

      I'm currently reading this at 2am cause I can't sleep and it's making me giggle, very entertaining right from the start ♪

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