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/ Series / Damien Nightshade The Villainous Vampire
Damien Nightshade The Villainous Vampire
Damien Nightshade The Villainous Vampire
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4.6 (99 ratings)
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Vampires are creatures of the night that fulfil their desires from dusk till dawn. Inhabiting the dark caves of the Kazimir mountains, the other races mostly disregard the unintelligent bloodthirsty creatures.

Damien Nightshade, third in line to the vampire throne, a descendant of an S rank existence, is ostracized by his siblings and forced to leave the comfort of the caves. How will this germaphobic, lazy, bloodthirsty vampire fit within the human realm?

This is Damien's dilemma as he finds himself transmigrated as a vampire inside a familiar room, one belonging to a Villain in the popular VR game "Throne and Awakening".

Damien considers himself a veteran of the game; he knew the game's storyline better than anyone with five years of experience and thousands of hours. Yet the internet wouldn't agree with him. A true veteran must complete the game as the character "Damien Nightshade", the vampire prince hated by all living existences.

After five failed attempts, Damien still has never completed the storyline while playing this character. Will Damien be able to survive this time with knowledge of future events? But he will have to adapt quickly as the world's rules have changed, as it becomes more than just a simple game.

But first, maybe he should deal with his maid, who silently plots his murder while he sleeps.

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This tale is set in a magical world with a heavily emphasises on Kingdom Building, Twisted Nobles, and Gruelling Politics with sprinkles of Magic, Mystery, and the occasional Action Scene. Throne and Awakening is a world packed with danger around every corner, join Damien as he attempts to navigate this terrifying world with knowledge he should not possess and atypical powers that have no business belonging to a vampire.

ActionFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMatureMysteryPsychologicalSchool LifeSeinen
Academy Aristocracy Arrogant Characters Blood Manipulation Cautious Protagonist Charming Protagonist Cold Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Cunning Protagonist Determined Protagonist Fantasy World Game Elements Kingdom Building Kingdoms Lazy Protagonist Magic Non-human Protagonist Politics Psychic Powers Reincarnated as a Monster Reincarnated into a Game World Reincarnation Transported into a Game World Vampires
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 27

    This is a very well-written novel. The characters are interesting and don't just fit the few cliche templates that we are so used to seeing in other novels.

    But I have a problem. I wanna preface this with I don't think just cause I dislike a plot or arc, that automatically means it is bad but I think this goes beyond just that.

    The "Traits" oh god, they drive me up the wall. Quick rundown if you haven't started the novel (this information is revealed in the first chapter or so), the main character has "traits" in his character panel like "Lazy" and "Nobel". Despite the name, these are not inherent qualities that the MC has, but instead schizophrenic-like voices in his head that force him to act certain ways.

    Now, I personally already dislike this as it feels like he's being practically mind-controlled, no better than the blood slaves he thinks so poorly of. Now, this isn't enough to lower the rating, but the character's response to this is ridiculous in my opinion. He's seemingly vaguely annoyed it rather than super angry or afraid like anyone reasonably would when your body and mind are not remotely under your control.

    Normally this could entirely destroy the novel for me but the plotline, characters, and interactions are super well done, especially for an author with only a few novels under his belt so I'm gonna try my hardest to continue to read and I encourage anyone reading this to also give it a shot even if you agree with my complaints.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: it’s those eyes. the...

    Already been reading the authors novels since day one. Although he dropped his first one for the understandable reason of it being not very well planned out this one has had a drastic leap in quality. I cant say much about the plot yet because the novel only has a few chapters for now but the characters seem interesting and have depth to them. It's an interesting premise and I'll be here to see where it will go.

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    4 Likes · Like

    The novel has just barely started but so far it looks like it'll be a fun ride. The characters seem interesting and so does the world. This review might contain minor spoilers but since I haven't read all that much, it shouldn't be too bad.


    So far I really like the MC, he got reincarnated as Damien Nightshade who is both not a very powerful vampire and a slaughterer which makes him at odds with pretty much any living being. The MC has been reincarnated as Damien and has both traits from his original side and some less than appealing traits from Damien such as bloodlust and being a bit of an ass in general. The only real side character we've seen is Fay, his bloodslave, who hates him and, in the game, goes as far as killing him by stabbing him a lot. More depth has already been added to her character via a minor pov shift and by explaining some of her circumstances which make her a more compelling character. The world obviously isn't all that much currently but it has the potential to be developed quite well. There seems to be political intrigue in that his bloodslave is being hunted by her upcoming husband and him beng hunted by his brother for being a worthless noble vampire.

    TL;DR it's fun, go read.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: 37. tour of the mage tower

    An amazing read. I have been reading this novel from day one and I really like how it is going. The MC and all other characters till now are all well written. The story is well thought out unlike author's previous work (which I also enjoyed until the timeskips happened). Game elements of the story aren't annoying and easy to understand.  Things does't always go as MC expects them to, which is quite common in these kind of "isekaied into game world" novels. All in all I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

    Also a little things about the Mc's traits; they are inherent qualities of the Mc's body (not him himself, but the game character's) and are nothing like mind control; believe me I read a lot of mind control stuff ;) . They are just a form of passive abilities in a game. (Passives with both pros and cons)

    As for the "schizophrenic-like voices", they are just the way for the author to express those traits in the Mc  actively, unlike the passive things they really are. The number of times these voice have appeared in the entire story till now (37 chapters) can also be counted on one (or two) hands, so its not like there is a constant voice asking the MC to be lazy and the only time they do so is when he does something that's against them. 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: 61. project angel tears

    I would rate this 4.5/5; I am submitting this as 5/5 because I would like to see this maintain a high average rating overall. I strongly recommend reading this story. This review contains no spoilers.

    Positive aspects/strong points to this story:

    1) The story flows very well. There is good scene-to-scene transition and description.

    2) The world-building is solid, providing plenty of detail to allow a reader to visualize what is happening without becoming boring. Further, details of the world are either utilized quickly or are proper building blocks for a later scene.

    3) The story takes an innovative approach to the Isekai genre, developing a character as he struggles with the preconceptions of the world he has entered.

    4) Character development is clearly laid out for the most part. I have noted a few times where there may have been a discrepancy, but in general the characters do not make sudden or unreasonable changes. Development is definitely thought out and there is a reasonable sense of time flow.

    5) The story has a very good pace. The culmination of everything above, it is well-crafted and as a reader, the pace feels just right.

    Not-so-strong point/area for improvement as of the time of this review:

    1) Character expressiveness. While there is good description of the personalities and development, the actual language used by the characters does not always fit. The reason I consider this significant is due to the MC being a noble and often the language is not befitting of such. It takes a bit away from the flavor in the midst of an otherwise well-described world.

    2) Innovative, but not necessarily original. I know this is a difficult aspect to get around, but I want to put it forward. There are themes which are easily identified as inspirations from other sources. This does not detract from the overall quality of the story, but I feel it should be known to someone thinking of picking this up.

    I am going to continue reading this, as the quality continues to improve and the story itself is very engaging.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: 58. food or friend?

    Probably the best novel I've ever read. I highly recommend this if you're into gory scenes, villainous characters, and descripive scenarios. I'm loving this so far I'm looking forward to seeing more of this amazing novel.


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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: 54. immortality is such a fickle...

    damn this story has so much potential and is very interesting. Every character is flushed out nicely and are not like those generic novels. I have high hopes for author to continue this masterpiece 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c53

    I Give 4 stars. The story did more showing than telling in the first 15 chapters or so but got better after that. The traits aren't really an issue they mostly push the character to do things sort of like in The Villain Wants to live novel. This isn't mind-control or anything like that. Say you're a greedy individual does the desire to collect money make you a mind-controlled individual? 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: 60. blackthorn’s rickety walkways

    I have enjoyed the story so far. The world building is great and game elelements are well balanced. I just hope the same attention to detail will be paid to the balance of characters and power growth. I look forward to future chpters.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: 58. food or friend?
    • Good balance of MC PoV and other PoV, makes the world feel more fleshed out
    • Magic system has only the most basic game-influence, which works well in the story leaving room for creative use of magic
    • Characters act/react fairly realistically

    Looking forward to see where this story goes and expands.

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