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/ Series / Planetary Orbital Weapon – [An orbital-particle-cannon based litRPG!]
Planetary Orbital Weapon – [An orbital-particle-cannon based litRPG!]
Planetary Orbital Weapon – [An orbital-particle-cannon based litRPG!]
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4.9 (28 ratings)
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[The orbital-weapons-platform got shifted to a fantasy world and I'm stuck on it all by myself!]
That's the entire synopsis. What do you want from me, reader? What more do you need?

(Entry in The [Royal Road Community Magazine] Contest#1)

Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Godly Powers Gunfighters Jack of All Trades Kingdom Building Long-distance Relationship Monster Society Monsters Outer Space Overpowered Protagonist Sudden Strength Gain Technological Gap Unique Weapon User Unique Weapons
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