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/ Series / A Couple Who Started Living Together due to a “near-death” Situation Web Novel
A Couple Who Started Living Together due to a “near-death” Situation Web Novel
A Couple Who Started Living Together due to a “near-death” Situation Web Novel
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A plain boy, a normal looking boy, yet really smart. That's who Awagami Yuu is. Although, he never fell in love. At least, he never expected to. Until a girl named Higabana Aoi had entered his life, and ruined it, after rejecting him. A year later, a certain accident almost took his life. After steeling himself to forget her, he only found himself being nursed by her for a full day! Which made his feelings more complicated! What step will Awagami Yuu take on this unexpected turn?

This is the first work of Murasaki YuKi — A Couple Who Started Living Together Due to a "near-death" Situation! I hope you enjoy reading this!

P.S. this is the Web Novel version. I will be dating the release of the Light Novel some chapters soon.

ComedyRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Average-looking Protagonist Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Couple Growth Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Doting Parents Early Romance Engagement Famous Parents First Love Near-Death Experience Wealthy Characters
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    Status: chapter 30 : problems, solutions and aoi (...


    It is a well written romance story about a highschool couple living together, but it is also just that.

    Basically ML (male lead/mc) parents are friends with FL parents but the kids don't know, then kids fall in love so both parents buy them a house and they live together.

    But that's it, just a FAMILY-FRIENDLY romance were they flirt every single chapter and do stuff which is mostly: flirting-eating-sleeping.

    There is no action, suspense or drama. And before someone think I'm complaining, maybe you are right, but also take note that even romance stories that focus only on comedy for example still have a bit of drama (no matter how little).

    What I want to convey is that the story is very interesting but after a few chapters it becomes extremely bland with just a repetitive cycle of flirting, cooking and sleeping (just sleeping, in case you got any ideas) with ZERO spice to it.

    Read it and have fun, because I liked it but will keep my review to 3.5/5 which IMHO can become 4.5/5 if the story get some spice to it (ecchi scenes, drama, pov of side characters, or basically just anything no matter how little of it, just to break the repetitive cycle of the story.)

    Ps:no offense meant to anyone and sorry if my idea was badly conveyed.

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