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/ Series / People’s Era of Deities: Hundredfold Raise
People’s Era of Deities: Hundredfold Raise
People’s Era of Deities: Hundredfold Raise
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•Original: 全民神祇时代:百倍增幅
•Mtl: Era of the Gods of the Whole People: A Hundred-fold Increase
•Author: "Eastern Sky Foliage" or just "Eastern Leaf" (东天的叶子).
•Transmigrating to the world of deities, where there are inexhaustible true gods and billions of planes, Li Yue (李越) obtained the supreme talent: Hundredfold Raise...
Common Behemoth is raised to Golden Behemoth!
Two-winged angel is raised to Twelve-winged Seraphim!
Elf Girl is raised to Elf Goddess!
Ordinary Black Dragon is raised to Deathwing!
Common Tugou is raised to 3-Headed Hell Hound!
Small common snake is raised to World Surrounding Serpent!
Small common tree is raised to World Tree!

Years later, while other true gods are working hard to develop orcs, gnomes, dwarves...
Li Yue's billions of believers have already become god lords, sweeping all planes!

FantasyIsekaiSlice of Life
God Protagonist Kingdom Building Overpowered Protagonist
Table of Contents 8
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Table of Contents
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