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Club Luna
Club Luna
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Club Luna Members
Cassandra "Cass" Underwood

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Cass is the story's protagonist / main character. As of the end of book 1 she is 17 years old.
Cass stands 5'2" (157cm) tall. she has shoulder-length messy chestnut brown hair, pretty brown eyes with green flecks, and tended to wear a big oversized dark blue hoodie everywhere.
Cass was just finishing grade 11 high school at the end of book 1. She is girlfriends with Kaylee Holt, who was teaching her how to use magic. Cass never figured out her magic specialty, and by the end of book 1 she had to stop using magic anyways because of the events in Episode 5.

Kaylee Holt

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Kaylee is 18yo by the end of book 1. She stands 5'5" (165cm) tall. She has wavy red hair, green eyes, and freckles. She wears fashionable glasses with red frames. Kaylee tends to dress in big chunky sweaters & comfy clothes. She was just finishing grade 11 at the end of book 1. Kaylee is Cass's girlfriend. Her specialties in Club Luna are spiritual magic, healing magic, & research.

Brooke Tremblay

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Brooke is the oldest girl in Club Luna / book 1, at age 18yo for most of the book, but we don't know when her birthday is/was. She's the second-tallest girl in the club at 5'8" (173cm). Brooke has long dark-blonde hair and blue eyes, she was one of the popular girls in high school, and is fairly athletic. Brooke was the leader of Club Luna for all of book 1, until handing that title over to Paige in the final meeting of the school year. Girlfriends with Paige.  Brooke's specialties in the club are divination and protective magic.

Paige Doubek

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Paige shared classes with both Cass and Kaylee, and by the end of book 1 she was finishing grade 11 with them. She was 17yo for most of the book, but we don't know when her birthday was/is so she might be 18 by the end of book 1. She's the tallest girl in the club, standing 5'9" (175cm). Paige has short dark brown hair & brown eyes. She's slim & athletic. She was named the new club leader at the end of book 1. Girlfriends with Brooke. Her specialties within the club are technomancy & protective magic.

Cerys "Marissa" Ainsley

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Marissa is the club's Touhou fanatic, she is a huge stan for Marisa Kirisame. She stands 5'2" tall (157cm) and was 16yo at the end of book 1, when she was finishing grade 10. Marissa has bright sunny blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and dresses in Touhou / Marisa cosplay all the time, including the impractically big witch hat. She is bold, brash, outspoken, and enthusiastic about all things supernatural. Girlfriends with Melanie. Her Club Luna specialties are spiritual magic & attack / offensive spells.

Cerys is pronounced as "care-iss" (care rhymes with bear & and iss rhymes with hiss)

Melanie Caetano

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Melanie is a werewolf, turned without consent or warning. She's gradually come to accept & embrace her werewolf nature, thanks to help from a mysterious unnamed wolf tutor and her girlfriend Marissa. Melanie stands 5'4" (163cm) tall & comes across as a tough rugged tomboy. She has messy off-the-shoulder dark hair with some lighter streaks in it, her eyes are brown. She was 16yo when introduced, but by the end of book 1 she's 17yo & finished grade 10. She tends to dress in jeans, combat boots, t-shirts, & a black leather jacket. She is learning magic with Marissa, but does not yet have a magic specialty. 

Other Characters
Grace Sutton

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

The school librarian, and despite being a somewhat important figure to Cass, we don't actually know much about her. She's in her fifties, greying blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, some wrinkles. She's friendly, but has little to say and is never seen outside her office in the school library.
At the start of the book we find out Cass tends to hang out in the library a lot, she also volunteers and helps Ms. Sutton by organizing books and keeping the library tidy. Cass also hides in the library when she's skipping class, most notably gym, which she hasn't attended in a very long time. Ms. Sutton presumably knows Cass cuts classes but doesn't make a fuss about it.

May Hawthorne

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

May was first introduced as Cass's English & Creative Writing teacher. She was also the sponsor (and founder) of Club Luna. She didn't normally participate in club activities and wasn't technically a member, but she provided some oversight & guidance, and taught the members magic and other skills.

May stands 5'7" (170cm) tall. She looks to be in her mid-twenties. She has frizzy messy shoulder-length black hair, bright green eyes, and a very fair complexion. She tends to dress in casual comfortable clothes. She usually comes across as knowledgable, and can be kind and compassionate at times. She's also rather rigid when it comes to certain topics.

Julie Underwood

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Cass's mom, Julie is 42yo and works from home doing web design. 

Tanya Underwood

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Cass's mum, Tanya is 41yo and works at a charity shop on main street. 


(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Socha is a 'young goddess', her name is an anagram of chaos. She fancies herself as a replacement for Eris or Discoria, and thrives on spreading chaos & mayhem. Not technically evil, she can do harm or good as the mood suits her. She was banished from earth some time ago for her misdeeds & is no longer able to manifest or influence the mortal realm. Said to be talented at all forms of magic, but especially enchantments and transformative magic. Also skilled at illusions & deceptive magic, spells to hide or conceal things.
Socha's stated goal (according to May Hawthorne) is to overturn the Status Quo & make magic available to everyone. She knows what kind of chaos would ensue if humanity suddenly got the ability to cast spells on each other, she wants to bring that about & watch what happens to human society.

We pronounce Socha like "So-shah" but "So-chah" or "So-kah" are also valid.


(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Brian is a fae accomplice of Socha's. He appears to be a human man in his 20's or 30's, tall and slim with short dark hair & fair skin, generically attractive.

Ninaya / Nina

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Nina is a 1500yo demon and former accomplice of Socha. She is now living with and helping Cass and her parents. In her human guise she lookes like a slightly shorter, younger version of Cass. She stands about 5'0" (152cm) tall, with the same messy chestnut hair & brown eyes with green flecks as Cass. The only difference is she has a tall pointed horn that emerges over her left ear before curving upwards. There is a second horn over her right ear but it is broken halfway up.

Ninaya is pronounced like "nin-NYE-yah"

The Town

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Club Luna is set in a small town in Ontario, Canada. It's located a little ways north-west of Toronto. While the name of the town is never actually given in the text, it is a fictional place which is the same size & location as the real-life town of Orangeville Ontario. 

Some of the locations given in the text exist in real life (eg. Island Lake), other locations are based on real places but given different names in the text (eg. Main Street) or are based on real places but aren't named in the text (eg. the cafe they frequently visit, the grocery store where Melanie works, the local hospital, etc)

And some places are completely made up so they won't appear on maps at all (eg. the high school all the girls attend)


(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

As with almost all of our stories, we rarely provide exact dates in the text. There's usually plenty of clues though, & we maintain a calendar / timeline for all our stories. Notable events like full moons, solstices & equinoxes appear in the narrative as close to the real dates & times as possible.

This was the biggest clue for when Club Luna was set - the opening episode mentioned repeatedly that there was a full moon on halloween night which was a Saturday. That's a very rare coincidence, which last happened in 2020.

The story began on the afternoon of Friday October 30, 2020, and by chapter 8 we were at Sunday November 1st, 2020. And book 1 ended with Interlude 12, which took place on Wednesday June 23rd, 2021. 

Episode 1 (chapters 1-8): Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2020
Episode 2 (chapters 9-16): Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2020
Episode 3 (chapters 17-24): Dec 18 - Jan 2, 2021
Episode 4 (chapters 25-32): Mar 26 - Mar 27, 2021
Episode 5 (chapters 33-42): May 25 - Jun 5, 2021


(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Club Luna was originally a commissioned story. It began with a single chapter commission from Ive / Ivy, who's original request / outline was as follows:

"I'm interested in having a story chapter done this month based on the following, however if that isn't preferred we can use one of the alternate ideas being a spinoff to one of your story universes that is more isolated.
The plot of an ordinary high school with a supernatural club which is actually supernatural in that it's a group of witches exploring what is perceived as myths and doing hijinks on campus."

After Ivy got things started a couple other patrons kept the story going, but Episodes 3 & 4 were entirely supported by our patron Meg. From Episode 5 onwards we've stopped doing sommissions for Club Luna and have been producing it as one of our standard stories instead.

There's been some comparison between Club Luna & Scooby Doo, and in fact we've joked about that ourselves at one point. "Club Luna is like scooby doo, but we turned everyone into lesbians & got rid of the dog."  and to be fair we've tried to keep the tone of the episodes fairly light for most of Book 1, up until episode 4 when things started getting a little more real.

Despite the comparisons to a kids cartoon show we've actually drawn a lot of inspiration for this book from the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Episodes follow a Monster of the Week (MotW) format, while also contributing to a longer series / book arc. And the main characters are all high-school students, dealing with magic & the supernatural while the rest of the world is generally oblivious to that sort of thing.

Character inspirations are a lot more varied & there's only a few i can pin down off the top of my head.
Kaylee is a bit of Velma from scooby doo & Willow from Buffy.
Marissa is one of the more complicated characters, but on the surface she's a hardcore Touhou fan & chuuni to the core.
May is a bit of Giles from Buffy. 
Paige is maybe a bit of Jenny Calendar from Buffy? At least the technomancy part. She & Brooke also might draw a bit from Daphne of Scooby Doo, (mostly superficial stuff, being the 'attractive popular girls')

Shared Universe

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Club Luna exists in a shared universe with several other stories we've written. (There's links to all of them under the "Details" tab, Related Series section, just above the table of contents!)

Here is a brief overview of what those other stories are / what they're about / how they crossover:
(note: there may be spoilers for some of those stories!)

Family Secrets: This story takes place prior to the events of Club Luna. The MC of Family Secrets & their family move to the same town as Club Luna. There are some cameo appearances in Book 1, and the MC's name is similar enough to Melanie's that there's some ongoing confusion with mixed-up orders at the Cafe. The MC's father works as an ambulance attendant & is partner to Kaylee's father who drives the ambulance.

Aka Amy: This story is mostly set 1 year in the future from Club Luna, we haven't seen any crossovers yet, But a character from Aka Amy is referenced once by Cass, and that character references Cass's parents in an Aka Amy chapter. There is potential for future crossovers / cameos as the two stories' timelines come closer to meeting up. They're also geographically close, Amy & Tess live in a fictional town the same size & location of Georgetown Ontario, which is only 30km south of the Club Luna location.

Mara & Lily's Saga: Mara, Mira, & the DLP appeared in a cameo appearance in Interludes 7 & 8. Marissa & Melanie had a cameo appearance in chapter 35 of I Got Turned Into A Demon-Girl And I Am *Totally* Ok With This! (book 6 of Mara's saga). Neither group have officially met the other, but there is some potential. Finally, Nina and Lily have some history together, they met briefly in the 8th century which unfortunately resulted in one of Nina's horns being broken.

Capsule Plushie Verse: So far no-one knows for sure who created these enchanted plush toys, but they appear to be inspired by Socha. There was a direct crossover with Bnuuy! as the MC of that story is a classmate of Cass, Kaylee, & Paige (and a student of May Hawthorne) and her appearance in Episode 5 led to some significant changes & upheavals in Club Luna. In addition, May Hawthorne appeared in Cute

The Council
(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

Also known as the witches councel, the elder council, the council of elder witches, etc. A mysterious organization of humans who are aware of the supernatural & seek to keep it from becoming public knowledge. 

The council operates independently of the Status Quo, although with similar goals. It is unknown how much power the council wields, or how they function. 

At the end of book 1 the girls of Club Luna are warned that the council would not appove of the girls' methods or the club's existence. They also learn that May has been shielding them from the council, & warned to keep their activities hidden from public view.

Status Quo

(Information up to the end of book 1 / interlude 12, please be aware there may be spoilers)

This hasn't really come up within Club Luna yet, apart from a brief mention in Episode 5. It's discussed more thoroughly in Aka Amy (a shared-universe story), but it definitely applies here too. The following text is copied verbatim from Aka Amy chapter 49, and describes what the Status Quo is and how it works.

"All Gods derive power from the worship, belief, and faith of their followers. The Gods who are strong enough to enact magic of a global scope, who are powerful enough to change or end the world, are the ones who have the greatest vested interest in not doing so. Those Gods are too powerful and their influence too widely-spread to walk the Earth in a mortal form. Sometimes they're at odds with each other, occasionally even at war with each other, but collectively their power maintains the status-quo."

"Should a lesser God try and stir up trouble, they would be stopped. Either passively, by having their schemes fail, or actively through direct intervention. In the old times that might have meant being banished from the mortal realm, being sealed in stone, or in the worst case having their worshipers razed from the face of the Earth and all memory of them purged. That would rob them of their power and ultimately leave them but a shadow or ghost."

"Nowadays, a lesser God causing trouble would likely be ridiculed online, discredited in the press, and cancelled on social media. Their name wouldn't be lost to the ages but they'd likely lose much of their power as any faith or worship would be replaced with derision and disdain."

The 'Status Quo' effect covers much more than just keeping rogue gods in check. It encourages people to 'look the other way' and ignore anything that falls outside the 'normal mundane' world. The status-quo effect helps ensure normal humans don't notice magic, werewolves, vampires, fae, and other strange or unusual things around them. That cat-girl stocking shelves at the grocery store? just someone in cosplay. The zombie on Main Street? Probably an actor, maybe some students from the local college are working on a drama project.

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    Status: 13. beginners luck

    What's better than a story about a magic university where a student's success is directly linked to their wealth stored in a bank run by antisemitic caricatures?

    How about a story about a magic club with in-canon queer members who don't need financial d*ck measuring and instead spend their time being friends and developing crushes and helping each other with their lives and magic while being adorable and actually relatable! :D

    Read More

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