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Roots (18+)
Roots (18+)
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A reclusive shut-in was mysteriously and violently transferred into the body of a young teenage girl in a strange alternate world. After being hospitalized, the man trapped in the girl’s body tries to make best of the situation and their impaired condition.

Written by MrSimple
(No editor for this one.)

AdultDramaGender BenderIsekaiMaturePsychologicalRomanceSmut
Abusive Characters Adultery Affair Age Regression Aggressive Characters Alternate World Androgynous Characters Appearance Different from Actual Age Arranged Marriage Arrogant Characters Bickering Couple Caring Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Disabilities Disfigurement Family Hospital Incest Nudity Nurses R-18 Rape Sexual Abuse Weak Protagonist Wealthy Characters
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      Status: chapter 19: in beryl’s name
      Feb 16, 2019

      So this review begins with a disclosure that mrsimple is one of my dear friends, I know them quite personally through discord! ≫w<

      This is my fourth story of mrsimple's that I've read on ScribbleHub, and frankly I personally think this is one of their best. This story is jam-packed with content, feelings, emotions, and is deeply thought provocative. It elicits a lot of uncomfortable feelings and alludes to heavy experiences that might mean more to some people more so than others.

      This story is not for everyone. Read the tags. While s*x occurs in this story, this is more a psychological story than a porn story. This is a dubcon (dubious consent) with a serious treatment of the protagonist's emotional response to molestation, rape, and a general twisted world from a female perspective. 

      It felt especially meaningful to me because it really explores the gray area and complexities between consent and attraction. I think people who have had any kind of negative yet conflicted s*xual experience will be able to better appreciate the nuance of this story. Even if you haven't experienced this personally, this story will vividly take you through the eyes of the protagonist. 

      Technically speaking, I'm incredibly jealous of this novel. It's well written, the pacing is excellent, the characters are alive, and the story sucks you in. While this isn't erotica, mrsimple's talent at writing s*x scenes really emphasizes the ambivalence and conflict of the situations. I could go on about lots of things that I really appreciated, and frankly there is very little that I would request that mrsimple do differently.

      In my honest opinion, 100% of the poor ratings of this story are due to discomfort towards the topic (dubcon/noncon/rape). This isn't your typical genderbender story, so don't read this unless you're prepared for a heavy story.

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      Status: chapter 20: the lion’s pride
      Jun 9, 2019

      Hy, Im Lynnsgard

      I love root because it have good world building and romance from a person who's Amnesia. I love it.

      , but ch20 can close this story with open ending, so please updates.

      Thankz for this story

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      Status: chapter 20: the lion’s pride
      May 20, 2020

      I won’t say I liked this story because that would be bullsh*t but I can say that aside from the non-consent the story was amazing it hits you on an emotional level that feels right for what happens as you read along

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