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/ Series / Rise of the Midnight King
Rise of the Midnight King
Rise of the Midnight King
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The Midnight Queen has sat at the pinnacle of the cultivation world for untold eons unable to take the final half-step into becoming a true god. After a divination, it's revealed to her what she must do to obtain true godhood, raise up and dual cultivate with a particular mortal from the lowest of the low realms. However, little does she know her future man is the reincarnation of a famous pornstar, Brady "The Big D" Rockwell, with his own ideas on how the cultivation world ought to be. With the help of her former whore apprentice, the Midnight Queen is in for the greatest challenge of her life, turning the Big D into the strongest immortal of all time.

AdultComedyFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsSeinen
Accelerated Growth Arrogant Characters Beautiful Female Lead Goddesses Handsome Male Lead Overpowered Protagonist Xianxia
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