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The Silver Path
The Silver Path
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Rei, an icy-gazed genius blessed with every talent under the sun except the one that he actually desires. Ralf, a similarly talented youth with fire in his veins and a vigour to match. These two lived totally different worlds…but that would all change on that fateful day.

Through a twist - or perhaps an inevitably - of fate, these two’s souls were anchored to a single body.

Ralf and Rei, like white and black and light and darkness, were complete opposites…at least it appeared that way on the surface. In reality, an unparallel likeness could be found between the duo, one that was Silver in colour.

Now, in this two-souls-one-body arrangement, the duo must work together to overcome the many ordeals fate will throw at them. The world is one of magic and danger, and only by working together, can they survive and thrive.

Follow their journey of ascension as they walk the path only they can…the Silver Path.


The Silver Path is a very long novel. The main story is around 600 chapters (10 Arcs). It takes some time for the novel to get out of its starting blocks, but I assure you that's it's worth it. Once the rules have been explained and the board is understood, you're in for quite the experience. I'd say the main draw of the novel are the tactical and creative fights. If you're looking for that, this novel has got that in spades. It's a heavily character driven story. Anime is a big influence, with the biggest influence being Hunter x Hunter. There are a lot of parallels between the two works, so if you enjoyed that, I'm sure you'll enjoy this work.

The Silver Path isn't a power fantasy where the MCs walk over everybody and bulldoze through every problem with raw power. Instead, most problems are overcome through smarts and skill. There are no massive or convenient power jumps and the MCs stay 'weak' for a long time. 

The difference between strong and weak is massive. The main conflict only begins in Arc 2's latter end because of this, because before then, the MCs aren't even fit to be pawns on the chessboard. Over the next Arcs, they continue to grow until by the end, they're strong enough to compete with the 'Kings' and 'Queens' of the world and even sway the outcome of the game. It's a long journey, full of ups and downs, twists and turns. One needs to pace their mind and tailor their expectations for it.

Also, and most importantly. 

Any criticisms, reviews or comments are greatly welcomed.


The Silver Path updates Monday - Thursday (4 chapters a week).

Fantasy World Male Protagonist Modern Knowledge Multiple Protagonists Parallel Worlds Sharing A Body Weak to Strong
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