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/ Series / LUSTFUL PARADISE: Shinmai cross DxD
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Kuoh town, a little city in the middle of nowhere that seems no different from any others, but it has a secret. Unknown to normal humans, angels fallen angels, and devils fill the town. Each of them with different objectives in mind.

it's in such a town that Basara, the main character of our story, began to live with his mysterious father, Jin Toujou and his beautiful mother, Sapphire Toujou.

He hoped to a simple and normal school life, but this was without counting the beautiful devils in the school.

Will Basara be able to graduate without problem? Or will he become embroidered in a huge war? This is what we are about to find out.

Disclaimer: Neither DxD nor Shinmai belong to me. I am just a fan writing a What If of what could have happened should those two world be mixed together.


Join my Patreon You can get up to 52 advanced chapters, 18 of SHK and 18 of Gojo and 16 of Lustful Paradise.

Tier 1: 4+4 chapters of Gojo and LP

Bronze :4+4 chapters of SHK+LP

Tier 2: 11+11 chapters GOJO+LP

Silver: 11+11 chapters SHK+LP

Tier 3: 13+13 chapters GOJO+LP

Gold 13+13 chapters of SHK+LP

Legend: 16 chapters of SHK, 16 of Gojo and 16 chapters of LP+ illustrations of SHK

Overlord: 18 of SHK, 18 of Gojo and 16 chapters of LP+ illustrations. Can also ask or vote for special chapters once each month.

Supreme: Same benefits as overlord+ right to ask for the creation of an OC(Name/Gender /Race/Power) that will be added to the story.


join me on discord if you have any questions

ActionAdultFanfictionHaremMatureSchool LifeSlice of LifeSmutSupernatural
Highschool DxD Shinmai Maou no Testament
Accelerated Growth All-Girls School Angels Calm Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Demon Lord Devoted Love Interests Dragons Fallen Angels God-human Relationship God Protagonist Half-human Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Incest Masochistic Characters Master-Servant Relationship Ruthless Protagonist Sadistic Characters Saving the World Strong to Stronger Succubus
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Table of Contents 3
  1. CH 3: NEW ENCOUNTERSJan 23, 2022
  2. CH 2: A NEW SCHOOLJan 18, 2022
  3. CH 1: A NEW TOWNJan 14, 2022
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