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/ Series / Fractured Moon [Hiatus]
Fractured Moon [Hiatus]
Fractured Moon [Hiatus]
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After her death she couldn't remember who she was, the only thing to guide her was the desire to take back what she had lost.
Will she be able to find what she is looking for, find out next time on DRAGON BALL Z.

I do not own the cover pic, if you want it down just DM me :)
Also, I think I'm funny :)

On Hiatus cause I hate it right now

Female Protagonist Game Elements Level System Magic Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Monsters Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Non-human Protagonist
Table of Contents 11
  1. First KillApr 3, 2022
  2. Screw ToadsMar 28, 2022
  3. Just SeeMar 28, 2022
  4. Chapter 5Mar 8, 2022
  5. Chapter 4Mar 2, 2022
  6. Chapter 3Feb 8, 2022
  7. Chapter 2Feb 3, 2022
  8. Chapter 1.3Jan 29, 2022
  9. Chapter 1 (part 2)Jan 18, 2022
  10. Chapter 1Jan 17, 2022
  11. Chapter 0Jan 14, 2022
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