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/ Series / I´m the strongest Cheat Lord in the whole world!
I´m the strongest Cheat Lord in the whole world!
I´m the strongest Cheat Lord in the whole world!
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Kurono Ichiru is a student who died tragically in a traffic accident.
A god appeared before him and fulfilled his wish to be reincarnated into his favorite game, the only problem is...
"Huhh! That idiot god reincarnated me into a magic stone!"
To make his life more sufferable, the tutorial villain finds him, and now the two of them must work together to stop their enemies from destroying the kingdom.
A story of misunderstanding with the protagonist and the villain has just begun!

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Table of Contents
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    Status: contents of vol. 2

    If you're used to anime and Isekai tropes and looking for a laugh, I highly recommend giving this a read.

    Overpowered MC, harem, lots of comedy.

    Spoiler below if you want to hear some more thoughts on this


    Our initial MC is Isekaid and gets some awesome godly cheats, but due to circumstances he is stuck in a magic stone. He instead uses his game world knowledge to transform what was once a crap otome villain into his catspaw in the world.

    Enter MC2, Rei

    Rei was supposed to be a fat peice of sh*t villain in the game but due to the MC's interference he grows up to be the ultimate cheat lord.

    His rampages and dialogue are hilarious and seeing him do whatever the F he wants is pretty awesome.


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