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/ Series / Beastly sex system(R-18)
Beastly sex system(R-18)
Beastly sex system(R-18)
54.1k Views 646 Favorites 31 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 402 Readers
3.6 (15 ratings)
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A boy, forsaken by destiny, lost his parents early, unable to cultivate, insulted by own people, got a chance to change his fate.

Join him on his steamy, sexy, horny journey assisted by the [Beastly sex system].

Conquer any woman you want, gain reward and be the strongest cultivation powerhouse of world.

"Now I got a chance to change my fate, I am going to challenge the heaven ".

What you can expect in story:
Character building
Amazing battle
And finally sex( lots of sex)

What you don't have to expect
Super powered, perfect MC

This is my first attempt at writing novel so if you find some shortcomings then please comment and let me know.

ActionAdultAdventureEcchiHaremMartial ArtsMatureMysterySmut
Ability Steal Adultery Ancient Times Arrogant Characters Average-looking Protagonist Beastkin Bullying Cheats Fallen Nobility Immortals Incest Manipulative Characters Power Struggle Wuxia
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Table of Contents
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    Status: --

     The salient point of this novel is the dictionary. It's quality is slightly better than the average  of scribble hub. There are grammatical errors, the system is not an emotionless one but a living being. A hateful annoying one. Teasing and making fun of the protagonist in the right ways, to make it enjoyable, is hard, there are only a few that achieve it. Like Oracle path. Sadly, this novel is not one of the few. The plot, at least at the start, is a generic one. The protagonist is a cripple that  want power and revenge for the usual Reasons. How he achieves it ?Going around conquering women and getting ridiculously strong cultivation techniques from a s*x system. 

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