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Character list

The characters are described here as they were at the beginning of the story.

MC entourage

  • Erf - MC, Murk but has nanites. The Navigator of Lif. The Alchemist of Kiymetl. Technically - still a slave and belongs to Kiymetl.
  • Irje - 1st wife. Wer(cougar traits). Recently discovered the aptitude for magic. 
  • Yeva - 2nd wife. Murk, blind. 

  • Tuk - Erf's Uncle. Murk.
  • Meila - Erf's Mother. Murk.

Additional characters

  • Shahin Esca Yusuf-ja - Sneaky Snek. Wermage, snake-like traits (LamuraLamia) Ordered Erf's assassination. Hails from the sands of Yusuf. The Envoy of Esca.
  • Lif - Tree-ship. Chilling somewhere.
  • ViterErf's bodyguard. Wer, tiger-like traits.
  • Keivan - Potter. Wer. Elf-like traits. Dark skin.
  • Aziz - Cook. Murk.

Houses of Emanai

House Kiymetl (The House of Trade)

They all show fox-like traits unless specified otherwise.

  • Nanaya Kiymetl Ayda - Matriarch

  • Amanzhan Kiymetl Irada - Domina of the Primary Manor, Speaker of the House, Eldest sister of Aikerim.
  • Virnan Kiymetl Shah - Uncle of Aikerim and Amanzhan. Rhetor of Kiymetl. Resides in the Pillar Manor.

  • Aikerim Kiymetl Adal - Domina of one of the Manors of Kiymetl.
  • Tarhunna Kiymetl Wafiq - Her 1st husband. Minotaur traits. hails from House Enoch
  • Ramad Kiymetl Qasam - Her 2nd husband.

  • Amalric Kiymetl Karim - Son of Aikerim and Tarhunna. First child.
  • The Unnamed second child - Son of Aikerim and Ramad.
  • Anaise Kiymetl Hilal - Daughter of Aikerim and Tarhunna. Third child. The Lady of the House (will inherit her mother's status in the future).

  • Akhtar Kiymetl Siamak - Battle trainer. Resides in Aikerim Manor.
  • Wrena Kiymetl - Wer. Master carpenter. Resides in Aikerim Manor.
  • Sulla - Attendant of Aikerim. Wer. Elf-like ears. Brick-like chin.

House Shebet (House of Records)

Members show drake-like traits

  • Sophia Shebet Chasya - Domina. The Censor of Emanai. Youngest sister.
  • Albin Shebet Chasya - The eldest brother. The layabout of Emanai. Rascal, trickster, and rapscallion. Likes to murkwatch and drop hints. Also the renowned general and the Speaker of Shebet.

House of Enoch (House of Infrastructure)

Members show minotaur-like traits

  • Isra Enoch Haleh - Master smith. Youngest sister.
  • Esmat Enoch Fidda - Master smith, Elder sister of Isra. The Smith of Primary Kiymetl Manor. 
  • Alizeh - Sister of Isra and Esmat.

House of Samat (House of the Capital)

Members show sheep-like traits

  • Agrona Samat Ninanak - Domina of Samat manor. Had plotted against Aikerim and Erf in the past.

House of Kishava (House of Logistics)

Members show canine traits (floppy ears)

  • Mushaf Kishava (insert the second name here) - Friend of Anaise. The Lady of the House.

House of Kosenya (House of Defense)

Members show canine traits (pointy ears)

House of Kamshad (House of Offense)

Members show wolf-like traits

  • Lita’af Kamshad Hikmat - Friend of Anaise. The Lady of the House.

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Table of Contents
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    TL, DR Author is selling onions, and I'm loving ALL THESE LAYERS.

    The exploration of this story's world is so thrilling and one so well executed that I've only ever found myself pulled out of the world at the end of each chapter. Plot has excellent progression with characters whose intellect is proven in wonderous methods and exposition is kept to bare minimum's and adapts a strong 'show don't tell' policy seen through the interesting consequences to/would be displayed from said info. Smut scenes show progression of character relationships and displaying their personalities while aptly progressing blood to the nethers :).

    Ecdysis-is the moulting of the cuticle in many invertebrates of the clade Ecdysozoa. Since the cuticle of these animals typically forms a largely inelastic exoskeleton, it is shed during growth and a new, larger covering is formed.

    Read More

    15 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 6. negotiable aggressions

    The review for the second book, even if it is only at seven chapters now is essentially the same I gave the first book: It is in my opinion the best story on Scribblehub. The grammar is basically perfect and if one of the few mistakes get pointed out, it will be corrected within a day.

    The story of Erf continues to be interesting and fun, dealing with the everyday problems of a relationship while trying to introduce an industrial revolution, because he is annoyed at all the wasted potential and general unreliability of the current systems. This part only gets better as the author appears to know what they are talking about.

    If you have read the first book, you know why you are here, if you haven't, I would urge you to start reading it now. I doubt that you will regret it.

    Read More

    6 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 6

    Very good and can't recommend enough, though you should read the first book first, this is a direct continuation so most of the characters/ social customs/ motivations are all explained in the first book. I'll probably get to writing an actual review later.

    Read More

    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 16. while the iron is...

    Don't really know how to make a review, but the story is great.

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 22

    What a delicious story. Binge-read through the first book and finally got to the on-going part. This is going to be torture for me - waiting for the updates. This series hits all the buttons for me:- Calm and reasonable MC- Crafting & Engineering- Some steamy stuff without emphasis only on it- Magic

    I think so far I prefer this book more compared to the first one. Yeah, there's steamy scenes, but often times this stuff can become overpowering when story starts to revolve just around that. So, anyway, thank you, Snusmumriken, for this delicious treat of a story.

    Read More

    3 Likes · Like
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