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Object of Obsession
Object of Obsession
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4.8 (26 ratings)
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Just your average Yandere/Obsessive GL Slice of Life Cosmic Horror story!

Norma pretends to be a run-of-the-mill student, but secretly she's crazy for yanderes! She also happens to have been imbued with a piece of an ancient alien entity that warps people's desires, drawing them to her. What could possibly go wrong?

ComedyGirls LoveHorrorPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Aliens Apocalypse Average-looking Protagonist Awkward Protagonist Bullying Childhood Friends Clingy Lover Delusions Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Earth Invasion Evil Gods Female Protagonist Gamers Girl's Love Subplot Jealousy Kuudere Love Rivals Obsessive Love Persistent Love Interests Possessive Characters Psychic Powers Tentacles Twisted Personality Yandere
Table of Contents 43
  1. Chapter 40May 2, 2022
  2. Where’s TMix? Schedule UpdateApr 16, 2022
  3. Chapter 39Mar 21, 2022
  4. Chapter 38Mar 18, 2022
  5. Chapter 37Mar 16, 2022
  6. Chapter 36Mar 14, 2022
  7. Chapter 35Mar 13, 2022
  8. Chapter 34Mar 12, 2022
  9. Chapter 33Mar 11, 2022
  10. Chapter 32Mar 8, 2022
  11. New Series Announcement!Mar 8, 2022
  12. Chapter 31Mar 5, 2022
  13. Chapter 30Mar 3, 2022
  14. Chapter 29Feb 27, 2022
  15. Chapter 28Feb 25, 2022
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      Status: chapter 1

      Great novel so far we need more GL yandere web novels. I hope to see the author set up a Patreon and stay up to date with consistent daily releases.

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