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Lord Protector
Lord Protector
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    Status: chapter 11 : legacies

    When first going in I thought it was going to be somewhat similar like Realist Hero, civ building story, some politics here and there, an isekai like noneother, which the first part does show. But reaching up to the latest chapter I realized what the author meant by isekai like noneother is not because of the unique premise, but actually of how he writes the characters!

    It's shown in how he writes the dialogue and damn am I digging how he writes the characters through it, there's variety, complexity, and overall something that I have to say lack on Isekais in general, characters that has depth.

    I too like how the author through chapter 6 and 10 used an episodic style to build his world and characters, rather than just dumping a lot of exposition.

    But of course, the author still has their shortcomings.

    Sometimes it feels a bit rush and grammar seems off once and a while, which I think the author is not an english native.

    There's problems too like how the author writes the POV, it switches without giving notice and can ruin the pacing.

    All in all it's a great read and is really an Isekai that is not like any other Isekai, it's just that the author needs to fix a lot before fully realizing this somewhat dirty gem he created.

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