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/ Series / Relicta: Rise of the Shunned Magus
Relicta: Rise of the Shunned Magus
Relicta: Rise of the Shunned Magus
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Born as part of a race abandoned by all known gods, Gryff is an outsider even among the outcasts. With no place to truly call home, he wants out of the districts, he wants out of the cage that the rest of society has trapped him in, he wants to be free to find a place to be.

Things finally take a turn when his magic starts to manifest itself, however being a Dermitas, one shunned by the gods, its a wonder where his magic comes from. Now equipped with a never before seen element, Gryff must learn to survive amongst enemies, to make friends in strange places, and to build a kingdom he can call home.

Join Gryff on his adventure, where death could be waiting at any corner.

I am currently putting this up on RoyalRoad.

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsMysteryRomanceSchool LifeSupernatural
Anti-Magic Antihero Protagonist Aristocracy Arms Dealers Army Building Artifacts Assassins Beast Companions Blacksmith Bloodlines Character Growth Clever Protagonist Contracts Discrimination Elemental Magic Glasses-wearing Protagonist Kingdom Building Kingdoms Magic Magic Beasts Summoning Magic Sword And Magic Trickster Underestimated Protagonist Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 3
  1. A crafting shopJan 26, 2022
  2. New and Old DealingsJan 24, 2022
  3. PrologueJan 21, 2022
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