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/ Series / Hopping Celestial Fox
Hopping Celestial Fox
Hopping Celestial Fox
298.9k Views 14011 Favorites 89 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 2084 Readers
4.8 (170 ratings)
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There are portals to another world all over the city.

And only I can see and open them.

That’s what I discovered when I got sick and tired of being shocked by these only-visible-to-me floating purple things and tried to rip it apart… Only to literally rip open a portal into a familiar place from a VR game.

What is going on? Was it actually a real world all along? Were the devs aware of it? Could I… smuggle potions and magical items to Earth with this?


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AdventureDramaFantasyGender BenderIsekaiMystery
Animal Characteristics Appearance Changes Cautious Protagonist Child Protagonist Coming of Age Female Protagonist Identity Crisis Magic Male to Female Precognition Returning from Another World Transgender Transported into a Game World Transported into Another World
Table of Contents 89
  1. 89 – CensorshipApr 16, 2024
  2. 88 – BackstoryApr 14, 2024
  3. 87 – AllegoryApr 12, 2024
  4. 86 – HorrorApr 10, 2024
  5. 85 – MonomythApr 8, 2024
  6. 84 – DictionApr 6, 2024
  7. 83 – False startApr 4, 2024
  8. 82 – Main castApr 2, 2024
  9. 81 – HyperboleMar 31, 2024
  10. 80 – Crossing the thresholdMar 27, 2024
  11. 79 – JuxtapositionMar 23, 2024
  12. 78 – SymbolismMar 19, 2024
  13. 77 – TragedyMar 15, 2024
  14. 76 – Deus ex machinaMar 11, 2024
  15. 75 – ActionMar 7, 2024
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      Status: 21 – interface

      I saw this 7th place on trending, congrats :3

      Well anyways, this story makes me want to read more as soon as possible, the chapters are short, cliffhangers are painful to wait through but when a new chapter is out, I must say I'd have a stupid grin plastered across my face while reading through the whole thing.

      5 stars, wouldn't recommend dropping it.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: 48 – chase scene

      I haven’t got much to say on this story that is critical. The story has great technical quality. The characters are believable and likeable, although Renee does often come off as being rather abnormally chill with the existence of the portals (admittedly she’s been seeing then her entire life, but her rather underwhelming reaction to the first opening of one is... uh... well, it’s better than some of the under-reactions I’ve seen in fiction, but it’s still a weaker moment in a otherwise strong opening). The magic system, possibly the most important part of the worldbuilding in a story like this one, is well-developed and has a lot of interesting ideas. The general narrative is enthralling, with a good use of plot hooks, fantastic character interactions, and a premise which everyone with a interest in speculative fiction wishes was something they could do (gimme a portal to Elite: Dangerous already!!). 

      If I had to offer any serious criticisms, it is that this story is a bit rough when it comes to its exposition and descriptive writing. Exposition about the mechanics of the game world comes off a bit clunky, and a lot of the descriptions lack granularity and leave a lot of the heavy lifting to the audience when it comes to visualising the world. The egg related bits of the story are also not as well integrated as I’ve seen from other authors in the tg space, and sometimes feel a little bit too rote? It’s hard to describe my exact opinion on it. It’s both too tropey in execution and a bit too unique in approach if that makes any sense. 

      Whatever the case, one of the best stories on the site. 

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: 34 – cache

      I couldn't help it but binge this story up to the most recent chapter and still hunger for more! Anyone who is a sucker for gender feels will surely enjoy it too.

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: 59 – death flag

      Would have given this a 3 stars, but I thought that's too cruel for a personal bias. I came here expecting some fluff but got drama instead. Still interesting enough to keep me reading though.

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      0 Likes · Like
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