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Universal Magus
Universal Magus
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3.4 (22 ratings)
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Genres - Heavy Incest, R-20, Harem, Tragedy, Romance, Transmigration, Somewhat a Dark Fantasy, Action, Weak to Strong.

My Discord: [Universal Sect]

The main character will be somewhat close to the character of Vincent from the "Collateral" movie with Tom Cruise as the main lead. In looks and lack of empathy.

(He would also have the same name as Vincent after transmigration)

This is my first time writing, and my eng is only my 3rd language. I'm writing mostly for my own enjoyment.

I like psychos-type characters like Michael Mayers, Hannibal Lacter, or Vincent.

[I do not own this cover. I just saw it in google images and found it quite fitting for my mc, so, if you're the owner and want me to take it down, contact me in discord.]

Have a good day.


David Strom is an orphan who goes through a lot of hardships in his life. His parents died in a plane crash when he was a child. Bullying at school. Hard college time... He studied a lot of different martial disciplines. He is tall and, handsome, with long white hair and somewhat crimson eyes.

But he overcame that all.

The most important person for him was his aunt. A beautiful and caring woman in her thirties.

One day on his way back home, his life changed...

Calm Protagonist Cannibalism Caring Protagonist Clever Protagonist Crazy Protagonist Cruel Characters Dark Early Romance Elemental Magic Familial Love Hard-Working Protagonist Incest Multiple Identities Polygamy Pregnancy R-18 Rape Ruthless Protagonist Strong Love Interests Threesome Torture Tragic Past Transmigration Weak to Strong Xuanhuan
Table of Contents 145
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Table of Contents
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    Status: undefined

    Today I was in a good mood looking for a novel


    that it is worth it, I saw the 1 cap and immediately

    I understood what it would feel like to someone you threw

    sh*t on his face and fell into his mouth (something that

    I'd rather never know)

    Why the heck this doesn't have the #Netorare tag, disgusting!

    They raped the woman he loves the most and she loves him too

    MC who is much stronger ntr by some random villagers, like? Because the author is God

    Not to mention repenting, I want my memory erased.


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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: introduction – david strom

    I don't know what the author wants.

    The world is an evil place I agree with you 

    But writing it like this feels fake you are making the characters and the world suffer just so that you can highlight the protagonists morals

    It feels like you are making bad things  happening everywhere just for the sake of giving some stake and depth to the characters and the world.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 62

    I really like this Novel, so let's see why it's worth Reading:

    1/ Badass and smart MC [9/10]: This MC has no problem killing people who threaten him or his loved ones. His personality was the same in his previous world and I like this. When he discovers that some thugs "touched" his Aunt... Let's just say they didn't have a good end. Oh yeah, he has no problem torturing scumbags and the Author manages to let us feel the horror of his methods.

    2/ Side Characters and Waifus [8/10]: This Novel has a really good Waifu, Alina (i dare to say that She is a high tier waifu in all of Scribblehub) . But it isn't the only good character, in fact, all his lovers have a good personality and backstory. For normal side characters like Young Masters, if they dare to touch his family, MC will not hesitate to kill or torture them. They get what they deserve and this new world is Rotten to the core. MC needs to clean up "trash" in this world.

    3/ Story [8/10]: Normal reincarnation story by a God. There aren't many clichés yet since MC takes care of his troubles before they grow up and has escape plans in case he is in a serious situation. The Author hinted at some juicy storyline like Revenge against his Father.

    4/ Fights [9/10]: I think this is one of the best novels where fights are described really well. The MC doesn't use weapons like Swords yet and he fights with his fists. Sometimes, he uses weapons found near him (like a kitchen knife) to kill his enemies faster. The process of the fights are really well done.

    5/ World Building [7/10]: Not much is yet known (like where the Strong Sects are) But I like how the world is made. If you're a 6th Rank Cultivator, then you Need to go underground to continue to cultivate, which is well explained and I like this setting.

    6/ Power system [9/10]: It's well explained and there is no bullsh*t new realms. The Cultivation system is already known to the readers and it's good for me.

    7/ Romance [9/10]: Really well done. I love the story between MC and Alina (best waifu). The romance is well developed and I love the Crazy lovers of the MC.

    In short: This Novel is really good and you should try it. I believe you won't be disappointed

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    3 Likes · Like
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