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/ Series / My Best Friend is a Prince from Another World
My Best Friend is a Prince from Another World
My Best Friend is a Prince from Another World
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“ other worlds with magic are real, and supposedly my mom was a princess from one of them and they’re asking me to go there because I’m next in line for the throne.”

High school friends Mark and Joel have their lives uprooted when Joel discovers that his late mother was actually a princess who fled from another world. With the King old and infirm, Joel is asked to return to that world and take his place as the rightful heir.

Before that, he has to graduate high school. How will Joel be able to live in a new world and claim his throne?

Mark, a nerdy and isolated young man, follows his one close friend to a new high school in a new world. After all, it can’t be worse than NYC in the early 1990s...?

Update 15 May: I've been kind of stuck. Got the one chapter I hadn't posted up, and hope to have more for you all soon now that things are quieter at my day job.

Any/all feedback appreciated, including negative/critical feedback. :)
Any questions about the world or things I can add to the glossary also appreciated.

FantasyIsekaiMysterySchool LifeSlice of Life
Coming of Age Fantasy World Flashbacks Gate to Another World Glasses-wearing Protagonist Introverted Protagonist Late Romance Living Abroad Magic Male Protagonist Modern Fantasy Multiple POV Multiple Transported Individuals
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Table of Contents
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