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Dead Emotion
Dead Emotion
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After the rises of mysterious towers all over the world, the rises of hunters came to existence to raid the towers. With the power of aretisites, hunters can wield special abilities.
A young man name Lyden enter a tower without an aretisite to protect him. He only had one to chance to become a hunter, but the unexpected happens.
In the tower, he turned into a powerful monster when he obtains a strange aretisite. Now with his new body, will he be hunted by the hunters and killed or will he become a being that would fight against the human race?

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsMaturePsychologicalSupernaturalTragedy
Abandoned Children Accelerated Growth Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Army Building Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Cheats Cold Protagonist Conspiracies Corruption Cruel Characters Dungeons Evil Protagonist Fantasy World Game Ranking System Gate to Another World Guilds Monsters Politics Second Chance Special Abilities Time Manipulation Unique Cultivation Technique Weak to Strong
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      Status: c11
      Aug 8, 2019

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      The novel has an interesting take on dungeon-like novel. The way the author told it made it more believable than finding random loot out of nowhere.

      The protagonist, Lyden, is more than a man with one emotion. Even if the story just started, you can feel that he is not a totally 1-D character who just wants to kill and stronger.

      I think the story is well thought out, although some part could have a better transition to make it less confusing.

      There are grammar mistakes, but nothing glaring. It still can be read fluidly.

      Hopefully, this stories finish till the end. :)

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